Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Legends of the Summer Concert Mani

I am SO stoked to share this mani with you today!

We are off to the Legends of the Summer Tour to see JAY Z and Justin Timberlake today, and THIS is my mani! I don't get out this is pretty much THE greatest thing ever! lol

 I used Butter LONDON Cotton Buds and Union Jack Black, and China Glaze Angel Wings for the gold. This mani was inspired by the concert poster, as well as JAY Z's latest album:

(source: Live Nation)

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm so excited!!!!!
That's all for me today!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Butter LONDON Pop Art Event at Holt Renfrew

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Sorry I was MIA all last week!
Know that I've missed you so!

Today I have some pictures to show you from an event I worked at this past weekend!
Denise from Deez Nails, Jenna from Belle Of the Brawl Nails, and I got together for the Pop Art event at Holt Renfrew offering nail art and mini manicures for BUTTER LONDON!

About my mani:
This is Molly Coddled with white acrylic paint. I absolutely ADORE this colour as well as the print!
The paisley print goes so well with this pretty!!!! <3 
They also matched the macaroons at the event...
so that means I can stuff my face with them and not feel guilty about it right? RIGHT!

This event was SUCH a blast! Jenna and I were pumping nail art out non-stop!
It didn't even feel like we sat there for 6 hours because we were having SO MUCH FUN!
Look how happy we were! ^_^

Here are some of the manis I did that day! Enjoy!


Thank you Butter LONDON and Holt Renfrew for such an awesome event. I had such a great time meeting everyone! Looking forward to the next one!!

That's all for me today!
Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!

Friday, July 19, 2013

ButterLONDON Gradient!!

Well it's that day of the week again! HAPPY FRIDAY, GANG!
I hope you all had an awesome week! Mine was exciting to say the least!
Today I have a gradient mani to show you....with THEEEEESSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!
*grabby hands*

Ugh. I love them. So many much.
This is Fiver (left) and Keks (right)

Fiver shows up to be a little bit more blue in these pictures since they're blended with Keks. But it's more of minty pastel green. MY FAVE!

By the way! I made a new logo!

I want to put this on a shirt...and wear it EVERYDAY!!!!
Have a good weekend, lovers!

Friday, July 12, 2013

GET POLISHED- Pretty In Polka Dots

HI GANG!!!! Happy Friday!!!!

Today's mani is for this weekend's "Get Polished" Nail Art Workshop at Metropolis at Metrotown.
This is the third and very last workshop...and I must say...I'm really sad that it's coming to an end :(
I had the honour to meet such AMAZING Bloggers and nail artists, Jayne @ Cosmetic Proof, Angela @ Do Want Makeup, and Lindsay @ Nail Art By Lindsay!! <3
How awesome is it that we have WORKSHOPS that teach people how to nail art? Can we PLEASE have MOAR of that in this city?

Anyway, this week's theme is "Pretty In Polka Dots"
So I thought that it was only appropriate that I used China Glaze's Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

This dotticure is pretty self explanatory....
Now you might be wondering...what's with the middle finger?
Well...because I'm a rebel...and I like to do things that makes zero there's that.
I felt like I needed that finger to tie the rest of the mani in.

I used Butter London's Matte Finish Topcoat.
The BEST of the BEST! I honestly CANNOT find another bottle that does the same magic.
*sigh* I love much....

If you're in town this weekend, please come by Metropolis at Metrotown to say HI!

Have an AWESOME weekend, lovers!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Going Tropical with REVLON Brilliant Strength

I hope you're all having a good week so far! We're almost at FRIDAY, so hang in there!
Today I have this tropical mani, as well as some swatches to show you!

Thanks to Revlon Canada, I had the pleasure to try these babies out:
Before I start bombarding you with AWESOME pictures, I have to say...
The.  formula. is. AMAZING!

From Revlon's website
Strengthening formula with built-in base and top coat for stronger, harder, knockout nails.
Brilliant Strength™ Nail Enamel packs a powerful punch of colour, leaving nails feeling harder, stronger and more resilient.
This all-in-one formula has built-in base & top coat with an innovative combination of lotus & pearl extract, ginseng extract, camellia oil & rice bran oil.

Available in 18 knockout shades

Oh, they're knockouts alright! All pictures I'm about to show you is without a top coat, I couldn't believe the amount of shine they possess. They are about $6.99 CAD depending on where you go. Which isn't bad considering that it eliminates the use of top and base coat. One thing I'd like to RAVE about besides the new awesome formula, is that with this collection, WIDE applicator BRUSHES are used.
That made my heart MEGA happy.

So let's get on with it! First up we have... 

This is the most sheer out of all the ones I got. The picture above shows 2 coats under artificial sunlight.
I can see someone using this for jelly-sandwiches. It is also ideal for business professionals who can't wear too much colours on their nails in an office environment.
Overall, a very elegant sheer coat!


I absolutely adore this shade! Allure is the type of colour I would recommend on a bride for her big day. It's super versatile as to when and where to wear it. I can see myself reaching for this bottle REALLY often.
This pastel pink comes with purple shimmer, creating a subtle opalescence effect. Hard to capture on camera, but really pretty! See?


So...I'm not much of a green girl....But LOOK AT THIS ONE!!!
I would totally wear this colour again. With two coats (as seen in photo above), the colour becomes more rich. It has a creamy consistency, and provides a really nice and even coverage.


I'm a sucker for a good blue polish, and this, my friends, made me *grabby hands*
The consistency of it is sort of half way between a jelly and a creme....Je-rem-ly? lol yea, that. 
It took 2 coats to achieve complete opacity. I love how bright it is, because it's ME we're talking about here.


*deep breath* 
It's SO PRETTY I did a dance across my room after putting it on.
So this shade was made so well, that I almost got away with putting only ONE coat on.
But being the good girl that I am, I did two coats ...and it was no surprise that I love it TWICE as much!


Guys, this colour is something FIERCE!!!! I am quite amazed at how much this colour popped. It is a deep orange (to the point you could almost mistaken it for a bright red). As suggested, 2 coats to perfection. 
I feel like a rock star when I put this on. You know how removing these vibrant colours could often be a drag? I had ZERO staining issues with this one. *LOVE*


They named this one Seduce, and SEDUCE it did! This red is CLASSIC! It's vibrant enough to catch attention, yet deep enough to create almost a mysterious feel! 
Am I still talking about polishes? YES!
Besides Provoke, this was the other colour that could almost pull off with just one coat. I will definitely be wearing this again. (like everything else mentioned in this post!)

SO! You know I couldn't just leave it at that.
I decided to use most of these polishes to create a design, so I went with a tropical theme!
I had it like this at first...

But I felt like it was missing I added some black outline, and some white flowers.

It feels like they could be on someone's swim trunks...hahaha!!

I've mentioned this before, but would like to emphasize!
REVLON Canada is holding a Nail Art Contest!! 
So go on and submit your photos for your chance to win EVERY COLOUR!

Have a wonderful day, m'loves!!

*product provided by Revlon Canada-- opinions in this post are honest reviews, and they solely represent myself...unicorns and bunnies*

Friday, July 5, 2013

GET POLISHED- Geometric Chic

Oh hello again! Seems like it was just yesterday when we saw each other. Well, that's because we did. 
Hey guess what? It's FRIDAY!!

Today I have this geometric mani to share with you. 
As you may already know, Lindsay @ Nail Art By Lindsay, Jayne @ Cosmetic Proof, Angela @ Do Want Makeup, and I are helping out at the nail art workshops put on by Metropolis at Metrotown.
The second workshop: Geometric Chic is happening this weekend!

3 sessions on both days (July 6 and 7) will be held at 11:00am /1:30pm /4:00pm
So come and check it out if you're in the area!!!!
For more information on how you can sign up for the workshop, visit here. Or you can also RSVP by calling Customer Service at 604-630-3344 during mall hours.

~About this mani~
I'm sure by now, you know that my need for all things random and obnoxious is uncontrollable.
I had every intention to keep this nani simple....and then this happened....

*The Ring Finger*
Triangle has GOT to be my favourite shape to put on a nail (I'm not sure why) 
So I decided try out this tutorial by Lucy's Stash and I am in LURRRRRVE!!!!

For this mani, I used mostly all China Glaze polishes. Except for the gold you see here, that's Orly Luxe.
Thanks to Jayne's June favourite post, I finally got around to using Too Yacht To Handle, it is VERY similar to Aquadelic, except maybe a TID BIT brighter. It did make me *squee* so you know it's just as good!

If you're in town this weekend, come see me? We will laugh and hug!
Hope you like this mani...

Have the MOST wonderful weekend, lovers!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

RAWR SHOP- Happy Birthday, America!

You guys, I made my first GIF
Be proud of me!

In the past week and a half, I've had not one, BUT TWO people requesting Americana Themed manis!
So I thought that it is only suiting that I share them with you today.

First up, Jewel is off to San Francisco with this fun set! 
This was my first time meeting Jewel, she came to see me with her existing CLAWS and I immediately knew that we were going to get along JUST FINE!
We weren't really sure what was going to happen but we decided to live a little, and let our imagination run wild. I have to say that I am VERY VERY happy with the outcome!

Nice meeting you, girl! Have fun in SF!

Next up, we have the ever so lovely Amanda! She's taking her set to Vegas!
I absolutely LOVE it when Amanda comes for a visit. We share the same obsession- ALL THE GLITTERS
Every time Amanda shows up, it's like...*BAM* INSTANT GLITTER BOMB!
(Source: Tumblr)
Amanda's going on a trip to VEGAS, so she wanted some FIERCE claws. And FIERCE claws is what we gave her. We did a refill and reshape on her existing set, and continued to apply glitter to ALL THE NAILS.
You guys, this set has GLITTER on EVERY NAIL!
Needless to say, at the end of the night, I looked fabulous. Like I just walked out of the Pride Parade.
*love it*
Amanda knew exactly what she wanted, on which finger! It's always a blast seeing this pretty cat lady ^_^

Sending sets off on vacation is like...a piece of me is ALSO going on vacation...
Since I can't physically accompany these lovely people (and let's face'd be a bit creepy) this will have to do!
Hope you two have the BEST time ever!

Well that's all for me today!
Happy birthday, and have all the apple pies for me, 'Murrica! 

Have a splendid day, peoples!