Friday, September 13, 2013

NAILS Next Top Nail Artist- Dashing Diva Challenge

HEY LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Friday! Long time no see!

As you may have already know, I am in the Top 12 of Next Top Nail Artist competition put on by NAILS Magazine. The contest officially kicked off as of 5:00 this morning!

So what does that mean??

The Winnie now needs your vote to stay in the competition! So if you like what you see, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED if you could head on over here and click "vote"!

A little about this week's challenge:
The 12 contenders were asked to come up with a nail wrap design for Dashing Diva that reflects Spring/Summer of 2014.  HOLY WOW! Look at all the entries!!! They're mind blasting!!!
Since I've always been in love with anything with tropical prints, I figured there is no better time to make it happen.

How does voting work?
The poll for this round is open until Wednesday (Sept 18, 2013) at noon PST
Voting is easy peasy! You can vote ONCE per person. 
No registration is required, all you have to do is find the pink "VOTE" button on your favourite entry and press it! and then BOOM, you completed the vote!

Hope you like my entry! and thank you in advance for the love!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Born Pretty Colour Changing Soak Off Gel Review

Hey lovers!
Now if you haven't heard about Born Pretty, you're in for quite a treat!
They were nice enough to provide this magical pot of gel for review and I'm so excited to share it with you!


This is a colour changing "soak off" gel, so you would require a UV lamp for this. A gradient effect is more likely to show if you have longer nails, since it's temperature sensitive. It has an extremely low opacity, hence the white background. For this particular mani, I added a variety of glitters for a bit of an extra *zing*. For those of you who are interested in trying this at home, make sure you follow the proper gel application instruction! (prep, application, and removal) Email me if you need help on how to apply this!

Cure Time: 
2 minutes under UV light
(Flash Cure: 15-20 seconds)

LED friendly?

I would throw on a gel top coat after this

Filed off due to thickness

$3.99 USD + Free Shipping

This whole mood gel thing reminds me of my childhood, when I had mood changing EVERYTHING!
You can use this for DIY also, now that I think about it....

Oh yea...I also made a super short video to show you how this baby works in action.

Final Thought:
This is super cool, and for that price, I feel like I've hit the jackpot! Know that I spent the rest of my night dipping my hand in the two bowls of hot and cold water...It doesn't take much to amuse me ^_^
I DO have to stress the importance of proper could REALLY hurt your natural nails if they weren't applied on/ prepped properly. So if you're thinking of giving this a try, do your research! Or better yet, shoot me an email and I will go into details in how to achieve that.

Hey look!
There's a 10% off code you can use:

Go on, shop your heart out!!
That's all for me today :D

Have a GREAT weekend, my lovelies!

*product provided by Born Pretty for review. Opinions are purely my own and does not reflect the company. So rainbows and unicorn, and maybe butterflies*

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Versace Inspired

Hey friends!!!!
I was looking through my archive today and realized that I had forgotten to share this with you...

I submitted this set as a part of my package for NAILS Next Top Nail Artist competition...which I should shamelessly now mention that I am a part of Top 12 and will need your love...lots of them ^_^

-a little about the competition-
It's going to be INTENSE! The competition will start officially in September, elimination style. Your votes would determine who leaves each week! 
On more information on each contestant, and the competition itself, visit here!
Also this:
What an honour it is to be on this list with this many talented nail artists!! I'M SO EXCITED!!

Now moving on to the mani...
I don't know what it is about the Versace style print...I just love them!
Hence the birth of this set. Honestly, I want to wear this EVERYDAY!
I went through their collection at the time, and this was a compilation of everything :D

This one's my favourite <3
That's all for me today! Hope you like these!

Have the most awesomest day, my lovelies!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

China Glaze Autumn Nights Swatches

Hey friends!!!
Now, I am definitely NOT ready for Fall. The only way you could possibly convince me that Summer is almost over is with pretty polishes...and that's EXACTLY what China Glaze did. Today I have half the Autumn Nights collection to share with you!

China Glaze did SO WELL with the formula and coverage for this collection.
Almost every single bottle was a "one coat wonder" for me. So naturally, I got pretty excited...and loud squeals were let out constantly in the RAWR SHOP household. (Are you surprised? Me neither)

Up for swatches today, we have the following:

-Queen B-
Regal blue-purple crème

This one.....THIS ONE IS MY FAVOURITE! I have a soft spot for deep, luscious blues. This one has a tint of purple in it, which makes it even more majestic, so to speak. I could have totally left it with just one coat, but the second coat solidified my love for it...Oh Queen B, you and I will be spending many happy times together. <3

-Scandalous Shenanigans-
Rich blue shimmer

This colour reminds me of Superman's spandex...
annnnnd this is why I should never be given the job to name a polish....hahaha
Looking at the bottle alone, I thought the application of this polish was going to be quite sheer...but MAN OH MAN! It applied like a creme! Full coverage in one coat! It, however, puts your polish application skills to the test. I believe it's the shimmer in it? It makes every stroke quite apparent. So pretty though!

-Charmed, I'm Sure-
Gracious purple crème

I remember always reaching for shades similar to this on cooler days, so China Glaze was right on the money with this one! I will definitely be revisiting this one again when the leaves start turning brown!

-Red-y & Willing-
Frisky red shimmer's frisky alright!!!! This cherry red shimmer is seductive, yet classy. Definitely a go to shade for a sophisticated look. With some peep-toe shoes, this would make a killer pedicure!
The application of this was smoother than Scandalous Shenanigans (aka superman spandex), also, amazing coverage!

-Goldie But Goodie-
Eternal rust gold shimmer

This rusty gold is just lovely! Whenever a new collection comes out, my eyes usually gravitate towards bright and shinny was no exception this time. I knew this was going to be as awesome as it looked in the bottle. This was 2 coats on bare nails, look at the coverage of it! Yup. Love.

-Gossip Over Omlet-
Platinum shimmer soiree

These last two are so metallic, they're pretty awesome! They make a mess during removal...but just look how pretty they are! It's worth it. The foil glitters in these bring them to a high shine...I see a lot of use for nail art for these two polishes!!

Of course I had to play around with these polishes after I'm done swatching them!
For the mani above, I used Queen B, Red-y & Willing, and Goldie But Goodie. I wanted to play with the gold shimmers to create a foil-like mani. Unfortunately, this didn't photograph as well as I had hoped...but that leaves room for improvement!! YAY!!

This collection is available in stores in September 2013! So if you like your shimmers and cremes, make sure you head on out to get some of these! Because the coverage is AHHH-MAYYYY-ZINGGGGG!!!!

Which one from the Autumn Nights collection will you be picking up?!

Have a good day, folks!
*products provided for review. Opinions expressed in this post are purely my own...because dinosaurs are cool and they walk funny. Buy me a unicorn, please*

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Butter LONDON Contest Giveaway

I have some VERY exciting news to share with you today!
Butter LONDON CanadaSincerely StephanieNails by Kayla Shevonne and myself have teamed up together to present this AWESOME giveaway/contest!! 

For your chance to win the whole entire collection you can either submit your nail art on the Butter LONDON Canada Facebook Page, as well as liking all our Facebook pages!
The contest ends August 30th. Steph, Kayla and I will be judging the beautiful work you submitted!

Good luck and have the most amazing day!!

Friday, August 9, 2013



Hey friends! I have something epic today to share with you.
Kira came back for a fill earlier this week and THIS happened. I have to say that this set is my FAVOURITE to date that we've ever put on her! *FREAK OUT*

I can't even put into words how much I LURVE this we will just leave it as this:

 So this idea came about because of Shark Week and also Kira's new found obsession with Pizza Sharks.
What are Pizza Sharks?! Well....take a look:

I don't think further explanation is required.

Sharks don't eat people. They eat pepperoni pizzas.


Have the most fabulous weekend, you sexy beasts!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Motion in the Ocean

Hello Lovers of all places! Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far!

Can you believe that it's ALREADY August?! Soon enough, everyone's going to be rolling their Fall collection out...Oh Summer, it feels like I haven't even gotten a chance to know you yet >_<
SO to celebrate summer, I shall start with this nautical mani featuring China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle!

I think I like this even MOAR than Aquadelic.
With the white stripes, it totally enhances the awesomeness!

I started this mani with my middle finger...I knew I wanted to draw seashells on bare nails...and whattya know!? it turned out great!! I think I might do a whole set of seashells later on :D
After I freaked out about the seashells, I put on Too Yacht to Handle and just starred at it for a good half hour.
Finally decided on going with the rope and the boat steering wheel...because Yacht, boat...
(see what I did there? Too YACHT to Handle?? ha??)

This design makes me want to go on a boat ride...
...Anyone have a boat I can borrow??

That's all for me today!! I hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did making it!

Have a fantastic day, beautifuls!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Legends of the Summer Concert Mani

I am SO stoked to share this mani with you today!

We are off to the Legends of the Summer Tour to see JAY Z and Justin Timberlake today, and THIS is my mani! I don't get out this is pretty much THE greatest thing ever! lol

 I used Butter LONDON Cotton Buds and Union Jack Black, and China Glaze Angel Wings for the gold. This mani was inspired by the concert poster, as well as JAY Z's latest album:

(source: Live Nation)

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm so excited!!!!!
That's all for me today!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Butter LONDON Pop Art Event at Holt Renfrew

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Sorry I was MIA all last week!
Know that I've missed you so!

Today I have some pictures to show you from an event I worked at this past weekend!
Denise from Deez Nails, Jenna from Belle Of the Brawl Nails, and I got together for the Pop Art event at Holt Renfrew offering nail art and mini manicures for BUTTER LONDON!

About my mani:
This is Molly Coddled with white acrylic paint. I absolutely ADORE this colour as well as the print!
The paisley print goes so well with this pretty!!!! <3 
They also matched the macaroons at the event...
so that means I can stuff my face with them and not feel guilty about it right? RIGHT!

This event was SUCH a blast! Jenna and I were pumping nail art out non-stop!
It didn't even feel like we sat there for 6 hours because we were having SO MUCH FUN!
Look how happy we were! ^_^

Here are some of the manis I did that day! Enjoy!


Thank you Butter LONDON and Holt Renfrew for such an awesome event. I had such a great time meeting everyone! Looking forward to the next one!!

That's all for me today!
Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!

Friday, July 19, 2013

ButterLONDON Gradient!!

Well it's that day of the week again! HAPPY FRIDAY, GANG!
I hope you all had an awesome week! Mine was exciting to say the least!
Today I have a gradient mani to show you....with THEEEEESSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!
*grabby hands*

Ugh. I love them. So many much.
This is Fiver (left) and Keks (right)

Fiver shows up to be a little bit more blue in these pictures since they're blended with Keks. But it's more of minty pastel green. MY FAVE!

By the way! I made a new logo!

I want to put this on a shirt...and wear it EVERYDAY!!!!
Have a good weekend, lovers!