Thursday, January 16, 2014

OPI Push and Shove

Hello my loves!!!
Today I have something VERY special to show you.
This is OPI's Push and Shove from the latest Gwen Stefani collection.

As the package states, it creates a metallic chrome effect with a mirror finish...I knew I HAD to have it when I saw the "mirror" part! 
The package comes with a full size bottle as well as a free mini bottle of "Lay Down that Base"
It also says NOT to apply topcoat to this polish, and that it's suppose to only last one day.

WELL...this sparked ALL KINDS of questions in my head.
-WHY do you have to use this base?
- do I HAVE to use this base?
-WHAT happens when I run out of that mini bottle?
-WHY can't I apply topcoat?
-does it really only last one day?

After some extensive research (by extensive I really mean a lot of apply, removal, reapply), I have put together a little presentation. This is like...a science project...why can't science be like this in school?!

First off, the best result I got was from after a layer of... 

Gel Top Coat| &S- 2 coats | Lay Down that Base- NONE

7350920324938293 THUMBS UP!

Look how chromey and mirrorey it looks under different lighting!!!!! 

It looks even more reflective in person, and be prepared to be distracted AT ALL TIMES.
I can almost see my camera in some of these awesome is that?!
I feel like a walking stainless steel fridge!!! WHOOT!!!!

Buffed w/o Base
P&S- 2 coats | Lay Down that Base- NONE

So after that I figured that this polish requires a SMOOTH surface, because you can pretty much see all the flaws and bumps with it on. Then I buffed my nails with a buffer to see if it would adhere to a matte surface.

As you can see. It's not pretty. It did NOT have a mirror finish...and you can clearly see all the buff marks.
I've actually have mixed results with this...the other time I applied it, it had sort of a "crackle" effect...needless to say, this is not the most ideal application. Therefore not recommended!

Buffed WITH Lay Down that Base
P&S- 2 coats | Lay Down that Base- 1 coat

I then removed the existing polish and applied Lay Down that Base to my buffed nails. It is crucial that you wait until this base coat is completely dry to move on to the next step!

Not bad right? Except it's still not what I would really consider a "mirror" effect. As you can STILL spot buff marks upon closer inspection.

With a different BASE COAT
P&S- 1 coat | Seche Clear Basecoat- 1 coat

Then you're probably all what happens if I use a different base coat than the one provided?

NOPE, NOPE and hmm....let me think....
(I'm actually getting kind of dizzy from this gif...)

P&S- 2 coats | Lay Down that Base- 1 coat | Seche Vite Top coat- 1 coat

Let's face it...the more someone says NOT to do something, the more you want to do it. 
So here I go...and in fact, the package was dulls the shine, and no longer has a mirror effect.
So sorry guys, this one's a doozy.

OKAY! So at this point I was pretty much ugly crying because Lay Down the Base is a REALLY SMALL BOTTLE! and I see myself wearing this A LOT, because SHINY!
Then it dawned on me....

Seche Vite Top coat as BASE COAT
Seche Vite as base- 1 coat | P&S- 2 coats sure to wait until the base coat is COMPLETELY dried to move on to P&S

This is almost the same shiny mani as the gel coat!!! The conclusion is that this polish requires an ULTRA glossy smooth base for the effect to take place. and so, VOILA! Problem solved. Use Seche Vite as base!

And of course, I couldn't just let you go without some nail art...

A few things....
- Make sure each layer is dried before moving on to the next
- This polish dries fast! So if you're doing nail art with it, work fast!
- Minimal tip wear is present after a whole day of typing
-  Practice your brush it shows in your final product

Well that's all for me today...if I left out anything you would like to know about this polish, feel free to leave a comment...or send me a love mail!

Hope you enjoyed what I put together for you today.

Monday, January 13, 2014

What I've been up to....

Hey guys!!! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Today I thought I'd share my entries for the NAILS Next Top Nail Artist with you!
Since you've already seen my piece for the first challenge, I will start with the second all the way to the part where I got eliminated *ugly cry*

Challenge 2- Entity Challenge

Challenge 3- "Home is where the heart is" Nail Mural

Challenge 4- INM 

Challenge 5- The 50's NSI 

Challenge 6- Orly's French reinvention

Challenge 7- Halloween three strokes challenge

Challenge 8- Misa Cosmetics



I feel like I've learned and grown SO MUCH through out the competition, and I'm so happy that I got to experience this! So that kind of explains what I've been up to the last couple of months!

For more information on the competition and what I had to say about each entry, visit HERE

The final three contestants are going to compete LIVE in Long Beach California on January 26th! Best of luck to the very talented Lauren, Buddy, and Ryoko!!
Well, that's all for me today! Hope you enjoyed these entries!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Geometric Ft. Sun Of A Peach

It's been MONTHS AND MONTHS since I blogged! I've been a horrible blog mom, but know that you were all sorely missed and life has not been the same ! I will leave what I've been up to in a different post. ^_^

If you follow me on Twitter you would know that I whined and whined about not being able to find China Glaze's Sun Of a Peach ANYWHERE! 
WELL WELL WELL, the wonderful folks at Natali Products heard me ugly cry, and offered to send a bottle to me!! I love them.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you....THIS beautiful beast!

China Glaze- Sun Of A Peach was a part of the Sunsational Collection (Summer 2013). As you can imagine,  with it being so deliciously (and obnoxiously) bright, it was sold out on shelves everywhere. 
It's SO VERY close to Flip Flop Fantasy. Except this one has more of an orange (peachy) tone, because...well...Sun of a PEACH? Get it?! 

It took 3 coats for this colour to become completely opaque for me. Although the application was not as great as I would have liked, the finished product won my heart over! I think next time I'm going to try putting a coat of white underneath first!
This shade immediately earned a spot RIGHT UP THERE with Flip Flop Fantasy. 
I'm going to build a fort, knit it a sweater, snuggle with it and LOVE IT FOREVER!

OK. OK. Now on to the nail art.
I currently have this weird thing for geometric everything right now...(TRIANGLE ALL THE THINGS!)
So naturally my brain took me where it often goes-- random places!!

I decided to go with gold, because I think it compliments the colour quite well. There is a sense of fierceness in this design, and I haven't been able to take my eyes off it today...
Which could possibly be a problem while driving...or walking....or eating. 


A little about Natali Products:
They are a Beauty supply store located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. But don't worry, they ship world wide! They carry a wide range of beauty products from nail accessories to waxing strips! 

What makes them so awesome? The ladies at Natali Products are knowledgeable and SO VERY helpful! They also take the time to appreciate and support those who are passionate about what they do, people like you and I! I only wish I was closer to where they are so I could give them all REAL HUGS! 

So definitely make sure you head on over to one of their social platforms to show them some love!

Ahh...It's feels great to be back...
Stay tuned for MOAR!!! Until next time you sexy beasts!!!


*this product was provided by Natali Products with love and care. Opinions on this specific item are purely my own, and does not represent the company. Peace love and rainbow unicorns. Pizza sharks are awesome. I love pizzas*