Friday, June 29, 2012

Fierce Friday- Claws

It's been a full week since I've had my claws put back on and honestly, I love them to to pieces.
This nude shade is so yummy that I haven't really been able to do anything because I just don't want to cover them up. I mean...just look at them...

Anyway. I needed something sophisticatedly fierce today.
So these were born....

I was going to go with black tip with black half moon. But decided against it last minute.
Honestly, I think this mani is simplicity at its best.
I get startled every time I look down because I keep thinking there's something on my nude nails HAHA
...Stupid Winnie... -___-

I used acrylic paint and a stripper brush to draw the lines, and sealed it with topcoat!
I may add some glitter to it for the weekend :)


That's all for me today!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

RAWR Shop- "Sparkly Awesomesauce"

My goodness, it's Thursday! That means one more sleep til the long weekend officially arrives!
Today I have another RAWR Shop post for you...

Everybody say HI to Janine's nails:

Janine named her mani: "Sparkly Awesomesauceshe also blurbed out a whole bunch of other names, but due to old age, I don't remember any of them but this one. 
We decided that on her nails we would include: animal print, glitter bombs, and some tribal fusion. I think that is exactly what we accomplished! I really like the white zebra print over the holo glitters! 

Unfortunately yesterday was my self-claimed fail day. You know one of those days where nothing works, no matter how hard you try? Yup. Things were going wrong left right and Janine spent most of her night laughing at my fail-ness. haha

Janine is also very talented in the nail art department. I keep telling her to start a blog, but she won't listen. lol
I am super envious of her naturally beautiful nails, and somewhat disgusted by her perfect cuticles :P

Thanks for dropping by, Janine! I'll be less of a fail next time, promise! :)

Enjoy your sparkly mani

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RAWR Shop- Galaxy Nails

Hello lovers! Happy Wednesday! 2 more sleeps til LONG WEEKEND!!
Today we have another RAWR Shop customer!

Stephanie (@MissyInAction87) came in knowing what she wants. Galaxy nails, what a great choice!
The only other time I've done it was on my own nails for the 30 day challenge. But I'm quite happy with the way these nails turned out and their galactic qualities.

I sponged on multiple layers on my Rimmel London- Black Satin including: 
White/Silver/Blue Acrylic paint
Sally Hansen's Blue It mixed in with Midnight Sky
and finished off with OPI DS Magic <-how can you not?

I also dotted on some Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe for the star effect. 
Steph only wanted China Glaze's Fairy Dust on her ring fingers, because the galaxy isn't always sparkly
Makes perfect sense to me!!

It's hard not to get lost in these....don't you think? lol Thanks for dropping by The RAWR Shop, Steph!
Enjoy your galaxy nails!!

Have the most fabulous day, folks!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nude Tribals

Hello my lovelies! Today I'm very excited to show you my RAWR Claws!!
I finally got them put back on! It was only 2 weeks that I had sausage fingers....2 weeks too long.

So last Thursday, I had the honour to meet Steph from Haus Of LacquerTurned out that she didn't live too far away! So I set up an appointment with her to put an end to the breakfast sausage fingers!

Look how pretty....!!!  *O*
Steph was kind enough to offer Shellac on the gels, so I went with something workplace friendly.
This is Shellac in Cocoa. Topped off with an Orly Gel topcoat to give it that extra shine. Cocoa is such a sophisticated nude, and I think it goes with my skin tone quite well.

She is officially my nail hero. So make sure you check her out!! 

Needless to say, I was swooning all over these!
After some great laugh and awesome chat, I left her place with my *SQUEE* talons, inspired and ready to WERK!

like this...

Back to this mani!
I like this nude shade so much I didn't want to put anything on there, but I finally got around to it!

Craving for some details, I decided to go with Tribal inspired prints! I used acrylic paint for everything.
I kept the details to a minimal as I wanted them to compliment the nude.
I'm quite happy with the way these turned out. I'd have to say my favourite is my pinky!

So now that I have the nails back on, I'm really looking forward to being able to do more on them!

That's all for me today, hope you enjoyed these as much as I did doing them!

Have a lovely day, friends!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nail Design Haul

Happy Friday, lovers and friends!
Today I have another round of nail designs I'd like to show you.

I ran out of nail wheels.... (-___-)
...and the new ones I bought are not here I decided to draw on tips.
Then I great are these for practice?! haha
I bought these at the beauty supply store for about 80 cents a pack.

...and now I shall go through each design

1- Star
 I wanted to practice some multi dimensional drawing and thought stars are good to start with.
The silver totally adds depth on the star!

2- Weave
 I was trying the colour combo and decided last minute that a weave should be done!
I'm really digging this combo, and I think I may have to do this on my actual nails!
If you're wondering how this was done, check out Lucy's Stash! She has a great tutorial!

3- Damask
 I guess I was feeling extra brave to have attempted this. 
I love damask....if I could cover my whole house in this print....I probably would.....But then I would probably scare away my visitors and never be able to sell the house lol
So I pulled up a print on google and free handed it....
As you can's a IN TIME!!! This will happen!!

4- Native inspired print
I'm used to doing the typical tribal print, and thought I'd give this version a try!
 It didn't exactly turn out to be what I was hoping for, but I really enjoyed the intricacy of this print!

5- Diamond
Because a girl's best friend?

That's all for me today!
Hope you enjoyed these prints as much as I did!

Have a good weekend, my lovelies!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

RAWR Shop- OPI DS Magic Gradient

Hi Guys! Happy first full day of Summer. 
Now if mother nature could start showing Vancouver a little love, it'd be great!
Anyhow, today I have another RAWR SHOP victim customer.

It seems that my gradient obsession is rubbing off on my visitors...
But I can see why!! It's a great mani to rock anywhere. It isn't your average single colour manicure, and subtle enough to be worn to various occasions. 

Meet Della's nails!!

She has a wedding to attend this weekend, and was looking for something to compliment the theme of the wedding. The theme colour is Blue-ish Teal, and Silver.

Della picked out OPI's DS Magic (great choice!) and XXI's Silver polish.
We want it to shine and shimmer under the sun, so I dabbed on some Color Club's Beyond The Mistletoe for the extra holographic goodness.

Have a fantastic time at the wedding this weekend, frand!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Color Club- Beyond The Mistletoe

Hello lovers! Today I have a swatch I'd like to share with you.
This is Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe.

I used XXI's Silver as base, then two layers of Beyond the Mistletoe, and finishing off with a coat of China Glaze's Fairy Dust. (look how fast I'm going through Fairy Dust)

This Color Club polish is packed with holographic glittery goodness!!! It's so holographic my camera throws a fit when I try to take a picture! But look at all the colours that come out of it.....SO. PRETTY.

I drew on diamonds on my ring fingers, because I feel that it's only fitting....
glitt-uh, shine, like diamond in the skyyyyy (don't ask)
Then I thought I'd be a little creative with the posing...which turned out to be a fail due to blurriness LOL

By the way!
I wanted to show you what I did with my neon gradient this weekend:

The leopard print changed

Oh, and this glows under black light. WHOOT!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sparkling Neon Gradient

I've been waiting for today to come since....Monday...HAHA

We all know how much I love gradients...and how much I love my neons.
Since I now sport these breakfast sausage fingers...
I decided that I'm allowed to wear obnoxious colours like these to work.

For this look, I used the following:
Color Club- Wham! Pow! and Warhol
Wet n' Wild- White Creme
China Glaze- Fairy Dust

I did this gradient over white because the orange didn't show up as much as I wanted to on the pink.
Then I added on 2 coats of Fairy Dust....Look how pretty...

The shimmery goodness- magic of Fairy Dust.

My camera DID NOT like these colours at all. It was nearly impossible to capture the true colours of this mani. But! That tells me that this mani has just the right amount of obnoxiousness I was looking for. 
I think I'll put on more shinnies later on when I get home!! 

Oh, one more thing!
I stuck my hand under my desk to see just how bright these are...
Oh, they BRIGHT!

Have a fantastic weekend, lovers!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nail-Wheeling It

This week is definitely not moving fast enough...actually it's been feeling that way for several months now.
I think the crappy weather is to blame.

Today I have another nail wheel to show you...

It all started with: 
"I'm going to do a full wheel of animal prints and such! "


Then it quickly turned into.... "I wonder what it'd look like if I do THIS!"

(I love this one!!!)

Then these happened....

Told you I'm random....

Have a good day, my lovelies!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old English Calligraphy

Hello my lovelies!
If you follow me on Twitter / Instagram, you would have heard me whine all weekend....

 *le sigh*

Since Saturday, I have broken 3 of my 10 I managed to do so...I don't know.
But I'm uber sad because they're no longer pretty and I have to wait another week or so to get them fixed :(
It's pretty major when you're a nail blogger right? this week we're going to experiment on the nail wheel!
Today, I practised the Old English Calligraphy on my set of wheels.
I used two different sizes brush and black acrylic paint.

I'm quite pleased with the way these turned out!

Would you sport this font on your nails?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrifty Nifty

Ahh....Monday....My most favouritest day of the week....(not!)
It's been a while since I shared my cheap finds with you. So today is the day.

First up!
NYC's Matte me Crazy

I've been looking for a nice matte top coat for a while. I've tried: 
CND's "Super Matte" (DO NOT RECOMMEND!!)
Sephora/OPI's Matte Top Coat
and Butter London's Matte Finish.

Out of the three, Butter London was the best delivered a perfect matte finish....but the thought of spending $24 on a bottle of polish made me want to cry a little. So I kept looking...

I came across this one in Rite Aid. Tried it on, and decided that it was going home with me.
This retails for $1.99 USD, I have yet to see it in drugstores in Canada.

I go absolutely gaga when it mattifies glitters, shimmers, and holos.
So if you see this at your local drugstore, pick it up. You won't regret it.

Next up,
Jordana's Quick Shine Topcoat and Extra Garlic Basecoat

If you're like me, waiting for polishes to dry is torture, I never am patient enough to let it dry completely. 
So needless to say, speed dry is important!
I was strolling around the cosmetic section in my local grocery store this weekend and found these babies.
The quick shine topcoat claims to dry within 60 seconds. 

Let me tell ya, it did not disappoint!!

As I tried on this top coat, I immediately associated the smell with Seche Vite.
That's when I knew I may have hit the

Unfortunately, Seche Vite still contain harmful chemicals in their formula (Formaldehyde)

All Jordana polishes are TFF & DBP free.
 TFF & DBP Free: do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP – Dibutyl Phthalate

At the beauty supply store I go to, they have this section full of garlic base coats. 
I was super curious but decided against it.
This Garlic base coat goes on smoothly. Dries almost clear with perhaps just a tint of cloudiness.
As for the nail growth claim, I will have to update you on that since I just bought it two days ago.
...and no, it didn't smell like garlic...

I got these Jordana polishes for $1.99/ each

Hope you found these reviews helpful!
:) Have a great day, lovelies!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happily Ever After

Hello loves! I have a short post for you today!
I had a show this past weekend with 4 other lovely ladies and this was the mani I wore.
The colour scheme of the production was baby blue, white and silver. 

I used Color Club- Platinum Record (!!!), China Glaze- For Audrey, and white acrylic paint.
This mani grew on me...I wasn't sure if I loved it at first....but then I put on this ring....
Yup! I like.

*sorry for the blurry*

and this was my outfit! 
(from the left: Missy, Dani, me, and Charf)

(Photo credit: Dani @ Call It Beauty)

Being the regular genius me, I forgot to take pictures of anything with my actual camera....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The RAWR Shop- Mystical Unicorn

Hello lovers and friends, today I'm very excited to show you my latest creation.

Mystical Unicorn

I had the pleasure to meet the awesome Donna off Twitter, and yesterday we finally got together to put some "RAWR" on her nails. Twitter is pretty amazing for bringing people together, I must say!!
 We chatted for some time, and decided on the following colours:

China Glaze- Fairy Dust
Rimmel London- Wild Orchid
Revlon- Fashionista

and VOILA! The Mystical Unicorn was born!

Donna has the cutest nails!
She was worried that they might be too small for nail art but look what we have accomplished!
We originally only had the two colours without the Fairy Dust. But during our chat she mentioned that she was into fantasy/mystic novels. I thought adding the Fairy Dust was necessary.

After finishing off with Fairy Dust, I told Donna that I feel like I need to draw a unicorn on her because it looked so
(PS- I drew this unicorn freehand. You should all be very proud.)

"I fart rainbows!!"  
-Donna's interpretation. lol

What a beautiful gradient this turned out to be. I might even have to try this on myself when I heal :D

Thanks Donna for visiting the RAWR shop!
I hope you return soon :D

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

For my local readers:

I'm offering $15 for Nail Art for the Month of June as an introductory rate!
So come and get your nails RAWR'd!!

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