Thursday, June 21, 2012

RAWR Shop- OPI DS Magic Gradient

Hi Guys! Happy first full day of Summer. 
Now if mother nature could start showing Vancouver a little love, it'd be great!
Anyhow, today I have another RAWR SHOP victim customer.

It seems that my gradient obsession is rubbing off on my visitors...
But I can see why!! It's a great mani to rock anywhere. It isn't your average single colour manicure, and subtle enough to be worn to various occasions. 

Meet Della's nails!!

She has a wedding to attend this weekend, and was looking for something to compliment the theme of the wedding. The theme colour is Blue-ish Teal, and Silver.

Della picked out OPI's DS Magic (great choice!) and XXI's Silver polish.
We want it to shine and shimmer under the sun, so I dabbed on some Color Club's Beyond The Mistletoe for the extra holographic goodness.

Have a fantastic time at the wedding this weekend, frand!!


  1. Love it! I still need DS Magic in my life!

  2. Wow this is gorgeous! I love the holo gradient goodness!

  3. Ah so pretty!! If I ever come back to BC you need to do my nails!!

  4. omgash I would LURVE that!!! Make sure you let me know :D <3

  5. ME TOO!!! I want MOAR holos!!!!!! Must go on a hunt for them!!!