Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NOTD- Geometrics

I hope Santa was good to everyone. He sure was good to me. =D
For Christmas, the boyfriend got me this nail set, it has 48 different colours of nail art polish, and display stand....when I saw it, I obviously squeeled like a little girl.

I have always wanted to try out the geometrics...
so here we are today :D

I used the following colours
Silver, Jade Potion, English Breakfast, and Lavender

So what I did first was drew on all the colours I wanted
Then I separated the colours with the silver.

This mani was simpler than I expected.
I will for sure wear this again!!

Hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did.
Until next time, lovers!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas puked all over my nails...and I liked it

Wow, this is my first post after the forever long nail challenge!! 
It's good to be back :)

I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year...
So to remind myself, I thought I'd do a Christmas design

I used Revlon's Red Hot Tamale, Sally Hansen's White Tip, and  Wet N' Wild's SaGreena the Teenage Witch
I'm sorry, but whoever came up with that name needs to re-evaluate...

My dotting tool FINALLY came...so I was pretty excited to use them!
First I dot on the white, then the red:

I thought it looked too much like a picnic table cloth
So I added on the green

I am very pleased with the turnout.
It is so simple...yet it catches peoples eyes (I got stopped 3 times already today)

Look at these from afar.
A Twitter friend said it looks like a combination of poinsettia, vodka, and a midnight eggnog binge at 330 in the morning.

I love it!

Merry Christmas, my loves!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- LAST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry this post took so long...I know you have all been holding your breaths.

Anyhoo, this challenge took me longer than it should have...
Today is to recreate a challenge, and I picked Day 5- BLUE!
Because it reminds me of snow flakes, and everything nICE (ha, get it? nice? ice?)

I used Revlon's Royal, and Sinful Colors Pearl Harbour (I think?)
The Sinful Colors were WAY cheaper in the states. London Drugs carry these for $3.99 each
Target (in the US) sells them for $1.99 regular price.

I love this over coat, it makes everything look EXTRA MAGICAL!

Look at this glitter!! This is with just one coat!!

Under flash:

Under Regular lighting:

I had this mani on for Bf's Christmas party.
It was so shiny, I stared at it all night...lol


...and that concludes the 31 day Nail challenge...
Thank you all for your support <3

Friday, December 16, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

This is day 30 of the 31 day challenge (ahhh!!) - Inspired by a Tutorial
I saw this on Chalkboard Nails...and immediate fell in LURVE!! (see her post here)

This is hers:

...and this is mine:

I made my dots a bit bigger....because...well...that's how big my dotting tool was....LOL
This looks like it needs to go on a pastry, and then into my MOUF!

I really like how it looks from afar.
Look, my finguh....it go like dat *swooshing hand gesture*

Then I thought I'd be clever and add some sparkles to it:
only, I ended up smudging it....le sigh

Regardless, I am still really happy with this mani...
Just in time for Christmas :D

That's all folks!! Have an awesome weekend <3

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 29: Inspired by Supernatural

Why hello there! Happy Friday to all :)
We are 2 days (posts) away from the end of the challenge, and I am EXCITED!

Today's challenge is inspired by the Supernatural....what does that even mean?
Ghosts? Spirits? the UNKNOWN!?
Anyway, I did a little bit of research on google....

First, I typed in "supernatural" and got screen shots of the TV show
Then, I typed in Ghosts.
and I got a whole bunch of grudge lookalikes, and real life pictures. 
(I had to quickly close the window....because I was getting scared...LOL)

SO! I settled for "CARTOON GHOSTS"! 

Then for the middle finger...I did my RAWR nail.... lol
I think it's cute....HAHA

:) What do you think about these?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

Will ya look at that, another 2-fer!
I've been dragging my feet for WAY too long on this challenge...
This is day 28, inspired by a flag.

Well, a flag. That was a no brainer...
(yes I actually yell it out every time I say that word)

I used Revlon's Royal and Hot Tamale as base

and accented with Sally Hansen's White.

And here we are....SHORT AND SWEET!
Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone :)

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

The end is near...well the end of the challenge is near :)
This day 27 of the 31 day challenge: Inspired by Artwork

For my challenge, I picked this piece hanging on the wall of my own apartment:

I found these canvas prints on Craigslist...
Bought them off this China lady who imports them from the motherland.
It dressed up my naked walls pretty good :)

What this piece says to me is brown, black and scribbly lines.
(there are other colours in there, but without flash, you really can't tell it's there)
So I used the following polishes:

LOL at the scribbly lines...
The funny thing is, I actually don't mind them!  HA!

I also like the gradient on this one!
Definitely something I'll attempt again :)

...and that's all folks!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

Second post of the day!

This is day 26: inspire by a pattern
I picked this picture I found on Google....well because it's easier...lol

I'm mad at my brush I bought on ebay...it's doing funny things...
Does anyone know how to keep these brushes from hardening?! Mine's being mean...

I originally thought I was awesome enough to do the argyle pattern...
That was until I used the wrong colour to do the overlay lines
I don't know....

Anyway back to the pattern I picked...

I used Rimmel's Grey Matter as base colour (PS- I LOVE their brushes....it goes on SO nicely)
the pattern was then applies with a brush free hand with Revlon's Lunar

This pattern looks Asian....
I'm not sure why I think that, wonder if me being Chinese have anything to do with it...

With Flash:

It looks pretty cool from afar!
I think I will redo this design with a different colour combination :)
...when I get better, thinner brushes....

That's all for today, folks!

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

As the holidays are near, I'm stuffing my face with yummy food more and more often
On comes parties, get togethers, dinners, lunches...well you get the point
For today's challenge, I picked the following dress:

SO PRI'TEY!!!!!!!!!!
This is Zac Posen's 2012 Pre-Fall Runway Collection
(listen to me talk like I know all about fashion...I don't....LOL Dani at Callitbeauty helped me)

One day, I will have that body, and that dress....yea right. Well a girl can dream right?

To achieve this look, I used the following:
Revlon- Copper Penny, Gold Get 'em, Lunar

I originally had the same designs on all five fingers. (the design on my ring finger)
But I thought that the detail of the dress is just too pretty to be overlooked.
So I mix Copper Penny, and Gold Get 'Em together
and brushed it on from the bottom to create the fade as it travels to the top on each stroke.

Here are some more pictures:

I loves.

Friday, December 9, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge- Day 24: Inspired by a book

Hello hello!
Happy Friday, everyone :)
It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood....chilly, but dry. So that's GOOD!

Today's challenge is: Inspired by a book
I have to admit, I'm not a reader....so the only book I was able to find in the house was this:
I won it at the movie premier lol
(do you like how my logo is on Ryan Gosling's butt? I do)

Two things I know about this book:
1. He wears that jacket with the scorpion on it all the time
2. The storyline is suspenseful 

To achieve the look, I used the following:
Revlon- Lunar, Copper Penny, Cotton Candy (scented), Passion Fruit (scented), Tangerine

First, I sponged on Tangerine, Cotton Candy, and Passion Fruit in gradient as background to give it the "Motel 6" feel.  Then I added the "suspense"  (aka heartbeat...lol)

I knew I had to put the scorpion on there somewhere.
So I picked the ring finger with a gold/copper background

Then, in case it's not clear enough what the design is about...here's some further clarification

and VOILA!

mmm....Ryan Gosling

Enjoy your weekend, lovers!