Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WERK- Photoshoot

Hope you're all having a MIGHTY FINE day! Today I have loads of photos to show you!!
I did a photoshoot just before the new year, and I FINALLY got around to photographing the nails up close!

I was approached by the talented photographer Tony Lee and his amazing counterpart Makeup Artist Joyce Yeh to do three looks for the shoot.
Both their work have been featured in numerous places, around town, in magazines....etc
Needless to say, I was extremely honoured to be given such opportunity to work with them.

Now you may be wondering who this bombshell beauty is in the pictures...
This is Susie Clemens. She's one of the 2013 Asian Expo Model Search finalist, and is amazingly talented.

Now without further adieu, here are our final products....

-Look One-
Of course, I had to do a gradient....I'm addicted....
We wanted things simple for this look, and that's exactly what we've accomplished.

-Look Two-
Because I wouldn't be me if we didn't do a tribal print....This one is my favourite!
Everything from the makeup, the hair, to the nails....they all just tie together so well.

-Look Three-
It's extra-terrestrial? I don't know why but is very Katy Perry-esque to me....
I love the way her hands are captured in this photo...
Also...look at Susie's fierce stare. *chills*

I want to do more photoshoots.....MOAR I SAY!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed these pretty pictures, because I'm DYING over them.


Have a good day, my loves!

Monday, February 25, 2013

RAWR Shop- Hot Pink

Hey lovers!
How are we doing today? Me....I'd love to crawl back into bed....Mondays and I are NOT friends.
Today I have a saucy mani to show you. Everybody, meet Amanda's claws! 

Amanda came with a game plan, love it when that happens.
For this mani, we used China Glaze's Beauty Within and a variety of KISS studs.

These nails were inspired by a VERY talented artist: Bret Taylor from howyadoin Graphics
He had an art show this past weekend, LOVE his work. Make sure you check him out!
When I found out that Amanda's taking her set of claws to the art show, 
I was SO excited I drafted a bunch of ideas!

We couldn't decide which design to put on her thumbs....
So she picked two that spoke to her the most. GREAT choices!!

I am very much in love with this set of nails. 
Amanda pulls it off so well!

It was so nice meeting you, Amanda! Enjoy your fierce claws!
That's all for me today, hope you guys liked this mani 

Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RAWR Shop- Simply FIERCE

Oh HEY lovers!!!!
Ever have one of those days when you just want something simple, but don't want to be boring?
Despite my need to be obnoxious at all times, believe it or not, I too feel that way...sometimes...

Today I have something very simple for you at the RAWR shop!
Kira came back to see me yesterday, and it was everything I thought it would be: GLORIOUS!

For this mani, we used:

Color Club- Master of Disguise
Essie- Snap Happy

Oh yes, the accent fingers.....
I raided my local drug store, and hoarded a bunch of KISS Nail Artist studs a while ago...
The lady at the checkout thought I was nuts...But it was on sale!!!!

 After painting her nails black I just HAD to finish it up with the red....It felt right at the time and I'm extremely happy with the outcome! I know these Louboutin nails have been around forever...but I finally got to try it....and yup, I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT A LOT!

I'm so glad that Kira embraces my weird.... 
I'm really digging the tapered squares, and the studs make the accent nails SO MANY FIERCES!!!
Plus I mean...she wears it so well!!!

Well that's it for me today!
Hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did doing them!

Have a FANTABULOUS day, my lovelies!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

RAWR Shop- Beautiful Bali

Hello Lovers!
I'd like to wish all you beautiful people a very happy Valentine's Day! 
I'm celebrating today with work, nail school and a test! It's going to be the best Valentine's ever.....
Today I have a completely non Vday related post for you!

My friend Ceci came to visit The RAWR Shop and brought her beautiful daughter Alex along.
This mother-daughter combo is off to Bali for a whole month tomorrow. I'm slightly jealous.

Anyway, without further adieu, here are their mani's



In this bonding session, I decided to USE ALL THE China Glazes

Flying Dragon
Flip Flop Fantasy
Turned Up Turquoise
Fairy Dust
Masai Red
Eye Candy

Ceci wanted something shiny....and without any hesitation, we went with red and gold combo.
For Alex, she wanted something vibrant and any 12 year old would...
I had my first experience with drawing palm trees....something tells me I'll be doing a lot more of them now.

It's like a part of me is going with them to Bali!!
('coz that's totally not creepy....right?)

Enjoy your trip, Ceci and Alex! Hope you like your manis! <3

Have a loverly day folks!

When I get to 100 followers, I'm going to be holding a giveaway!! Only 9 more people to go!!
So keep your eyes peeled.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

RAWR Shop- Weekend Getaway

Why hello my wonderful lovers. 
Wow, 2 posts in one week! I've really outdone myself this time (not)

Today I have a RAWR SHOP post for you.
Remember Kira? Of course you do! She came in for a rebalance on her gel set...
So naturally we had to put something even MOAR epic on her this time.

(Photo Credit: Hair By Katie Rose <-- she's really awesome)

Since she's going away for the weekend, we decided to sharpen her claws and match them to her newly purchased Betsy Johnson bag...and WOWZA, what a great idea that was.

Her nails literally blends in with her bag!!
When she first proposed the idea, I was petrified...because YOU GUYS! I've NEVER done roses on nails before!!
So after some research, thanks to the power of the interwebz, we decided to just go with it.

Thank goodness they turned out lovely!
I used Color Club's Black Is Black and acrylic paint for all fingers except for one! The ring finger is OPI's Liquid Sand in The Impossible. It's impossible NOT to love this polish, I tell ya (see what I did there?)

During this session, we've discovered the following:
Boys are dumb
We *squee* at the same things
She's going to have TONS of fun this weekend
and I'm jealous

That's all for me today! Hope you enjoyed this mani....because I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM.
Have a good trip Kira!!

Guess what?
Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Featured: Valentine's Mani

Hey lovers! How's everyone doing on this fiiiiiiiine Wednesday morning?
If you've been stalking me for a while, you'd know that I'm usually not one for festive designs...
But today I have a....not so typical....Valentine's Day mani for you!

I'm pleased to also share that this mani was featured in an article on
(see full article: here)

Now, on to this mani...
I started this mani with absolutely NO idea what I was going to end up with....I find that at times I come up with the MOST random things when that happens. You guys, I LOVE RANDOM THINGS!!
Now that I look at it some more, I figured out what it kind of looks like: INSA!!
This guy's work is amazing, so make sure you go and check out his website.

To achieve the marbled background, I used a kitchen sponge and dabbed on the following :
China Glaze- Flip Flop Fantasy, Flying Dragon, Fairy Dust, Aquadelic and OPI- DS Magic

I really love how the colours turned out!!
I then added outlines of hearts and the details around it with a very thin brush using black acrylic paint.
The results was heart pumpingly good, and I'm extremely happy with the way everything worked out!

Wanna see my other hand? OK!
It's really blurry, so I won't blind you with a huge picture...haha!
I like both! ^_^

YAY for more features in articles!
YAY for Schmalentine's!
YAY for all you good looking peoples (yes you!)
Hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did.

Have a wonderful day, peeps!

Friday, February 1, 2013

RAWR Shop- Sponge-Mania

Well hello friends! Hope you are ALL doing fantastic! It's been a week since we last talked...felt like years :(
Today at The RAWR Shop I have prepared something "spring-like".
Since school started, I haven't really been able to do much nail art...but yesterday, the beautiful Dani @ Call It Beauty and I FINALLY got to see each other and make magic.

For this mani, we used the following:

China Glaze- Aquadelic, Flip Flop Fantasy, Glistening Snow
Zoya- Zuza, Ginessa
OPI- DS Magic
Rimmel London- Wild Orchid
Silver Hexa-Glitters

 (I many)

I'm experiencing a little bit of blog identity crisis...
Not sure if I should stick with a black background or white...I must say though, the colours did come through more vibrantly with a white background...
So I guess it all depends on the mani.

I'm still

We were going to put more designs over top, but Dani liked the effect so much, she didn't want to cover them up.
By the By!! This design is on top of a gel set my friend and I did for our final exam!

Speaking of which...
...and you will be pleased to know that I passed with 98.66% in theory, and 100% in practical
That means in 5 months, I'll be a Certified Nail Technician!

in the meantime...I'll just be this...
Who am I kidding, I'm gunna be FOREVER THIS!

Have a SUPER weekend, folks!