Friday, September 30, 2011


This morning when I was waiting to turn left at an intersection, two East Indian men crossed the street.
As they crossed they street, they threw their hands up, gave me the finger, and here comes the worst part...They pulled their eyes to the side.....the "Chinese Eye Pull" was what I would call it.

Beats the heck out of me.

Had I done anything to offend them, their actions would be a bit more understandable. (not really)
But all I did was...being the regular Chinese me...

Racism sucks...and it shocks me that there are still people THAT ignorant living in Canada. Is this the image we give off to people of a different race? East Indian and Chinese are the two biggest foreign races in most areas. Why are we (people of colour) being so mean to each other?! I grew up in Surrey. I have many brown friends. LOVE THEM! But these two guys seriously just put a really bad taste in my mouth. Was that really necessary? And exactly what did they think they accomplished by doing that to a person they don't even know?

I thought about opening my window and scream all the swear words I could think of but because I'm a wuss I didn't. In all honesty, I was kind of in shock!

So what did I end up doing? I stared back at them, with my mouth opened...Kindda like this:

yea... I'm cool

Asian Hair Bumps, and Fuscia Lips

Hello lovers and friends.
It's a gloomy day out in Vancouver...which makes me super depressed.

I guess it doesn't help either, that the light above me gave out...the mood lighting is making me sleepy and not want to work

Anyway, yesterday I wore the Asian Bump-Its...and let me just say that I am in LURVE.
It grips onto hair like nobody's business. In case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about...they are these spongey things with velcros attached on the outside.

Because I have black hair, you can't tell they're underneath at all. It adds extra an "oomph" to your everyday ponytail. Or a bun. I bought mine on ebay (link--> here) for under $5, the one I bought came with 2 different sizes! Pretty good deal in my opinion!

I've recently discovered lipstain: the one I'm wearing is New York Color's Smooch Proof 16 HR Lip Stain in Fuscia. Because I am lazy, I really was not into lipsticks...Simply for the fact that everytime I eat/drink anything, I'll have to worry about them transfering...and not to mention reapplying after.
So this lip stain is PERFECT.
I put mine on this morning at 6am, and it is now 2pm

It is a true FUSCIA! The color in person appears much darker, excuse my crappy camera phone.
You can find them at your local drug store for about $4.99

Today, I came to work with only the lip stain on. People asked why I was all made up....when really, I was wearing less make up than I usually do. Looks like my morning make up regime just go a little shorter (SCORE!)

That's all, folks!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today's Nail Colour


I call these *RAWR NAILS*
No, I didn't come up with this desgin myself, if you looked at my blog post yesterday you'd know.

Left: Mine Right:Internet

I had no idea how this is properly done. Probably with a sponge? But I didn't have here is how I accomplished this look, the WINNIE WAY:

Instead of the black tips, I used Grey Area from Sally Hansen. And the gold glitter polish I bought a while back at Forever 21.
You will also need a piece of paper to pour the glitter polish on, and a Q-tip. Pick one with the cotton tightly packed on to the rod thing to avoid cotton transfers onto your nails (technical, i know)

  1. Draw on the tip with Grey Area free handedly, no need to make it perfect since the edge is going to be smudged in anyway. Let stand for about 2-4 seconds.
  2. Before it dries completely, dip the Q-Tip into the gold glitter polish that you poured out onto a piece of paper. (I started out with just enough to cover the tip of the q-tip)
  3. Dab it on to the edge of the dark tip with a little bit of force (see picture)
  4. By now, the gold glitter polish should be blending in with the dark tip
  5. Add glitter polish according to your preference, and add top coat
  6. ...and VOILA! You're all done!

I found it easier to do each finger at a time, as it is easier to blend the two together. Think of the possibilities!! Excited to try more combinations now!

I'm no expert, nor a crafty person....but I'm pretty damn proud of myself.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outfit Of The Day- Sept 27, 2011

Since I bought these boots, there is not ONE time I wore it that the weather isn't sunny.

I guess the sun isn't a bad trade off....but my legs are hot

Moving on to my outfit today:

Went to Talize (thrift store) the other day and found this shirt. I'm pretty sure the previous owner was a big ol' lady who is probably still WERKING it. The shirt is a no name brand, in size looks like a dress on me, but I loved the print so much, I was determined to make it work. It is 100% Polyester (classy, I know) but it's so soft and comfy...I could probably nap in it.

So I wore this shirt underneath my blazer, rolled up the sleeves, and VOILA! I'm wearing this combo with leggings and boots. I tried to take a full body shot, but clearly, I am not talented enough to accomplish that. Since I have no access to a full body mirror right now, this will have to do

Oh, and this shirt? $3.99
Cheap things make my heart happy.

 Know what the perfect nails would be to go with my outfit today? This one:
Does anyone know how to do this? Maybe I'll attempt this tonight!

In other news, I'm trying to grow out my hair so I could look like this:

But deep down inside...the braver part of me REALLY wants hair like this:
I've been toying this idea for about...oh...a year now? Still don't have the guts to do it...

I know today's post is a little random...but hey, Random's my middle name.

AT LAST...Have you seen my Husband? I shall leave you with this.
You're welcome.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's Nail colour + Cheap finds

Today's Nail colour is brought to you by:
Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Grey Area

I've always been a fan of Sally Hansen's nail polish. Over the weekend, I went to my local London Drugs, and this colour immediately caught my eyes. I've been into browns, and tans lately (mostly because of the weather) so needless to say....I got pretty excited. At first I thought this was really similar to ESSIE's Smoking Hot,  but then I flipped it over to look at the name of this colour...and it's apparently a shade of grey? Weird, right?...I though so....

But look, once I put it does show up as a really dark grey!

After I finished top coating and cleaning the polish on my nails, I got bored...(what else is new?) Then I remembered that there was this thing on NailPorn that I really wanted to off comes the polish.

I did this free hand, because I didn't have any of those ring enforcers around. Excuse my grandma looking fingers...they look like they're crying for some lotion or something LOL
Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself for not making too big of a mess around the cuticles...I think tonight I will try to layer this up with a lighter shade, will keep you updated if all goes well!

On to my cheap find on the weekend.
Who doesn't love a deal?

I was flipping through H&M's accessories in the sale section, and came across this ring.


I'm a happy girl

...and that is all...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Master Cleanse!

I came off Master Cleanse last night....and it was a huge relieve. Reason being, I ran out of the mix, and I was too hungry to drive to superstore to buy more (well, not really...but this is my excuse, i'm going to stick to it...don't judge me lol)

Yesterday marked the 4th day of my cleanse. The symptoms (HUNGER) didn't get any better, in fact, I think it got worse. I was dizzy and slowly dying inside, my stomach hated me for being me. So i chugged the last 32 oz. of that evil drink, and decided that I'm going to make a yummy quinoa salad for dinner!

So here we are....430pm, my house, hands are shaking...couldn't stand straight...But for the sake of dinner, I was strong!! haha so dramatic...

Winnie's Quinoa Salad

First, I chopped up green onions, and cilantro, and place them in a bowl
(it's like Christmas)

Then, I chopped up mushrooms, spinach, and red onions, and I sauteed them in a little bit of coconut oil

Then I added in the quinoa that I boiled with a little bit of chicken broth. Mixed them all together, added in some balsamic vinegar, sea salt to taste...OH. EM. GEE. I don't know if I was just freaking out because I havent really eaten in a couple of days...or if it's really THAT good... whatever it is, I found it earth shattering.

It's nice because the coconut oil wasn't over powering the rest of the ingredients, and you can still taste the subtle tropical flavor.I kindda wish I had garlic to add in there, it would just make it THAT much better.
But even without it, it's already pact with flavors. I am content.

So here is the final product :)

Food is good.

Today's Nail colour

Today's Nail colour is brought to you by:
 Forever 21 Scented Nail polish in Freesia

I wasn't crazy about this colour at first because I thought it didn't compliment my skin much...
But now that I'm more tanned, it's actually working out okay! Plus it smells really good...

I really dig Forever21's polishes. They go on smoothly, and they last long! The only downside to it is the brush they come with...a little too narrow for my liking. These are $3.29 (CDN) at your local XXI 

Now let's talk about the weather...
It seems that everytime I decide to wear my boots, the weather decides to turn nice (well not bikini nice, but warmer) When am I ever going to get to wear these boots in peace?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Master Cleanse- Day 3

I bet you, some guy just stood on his ass one day and said "Hmm....What can I do to make people's lives miserable? OH I KNOW! I'll invent this thing called the Master Cleanse"

Get ready ladies, and gents...or FRANS...considering you're the only BUT YES, GET READY, because I have gone absolutely mad......

Yesterday was day 3, which makes today day 4 (who am I? Rebecca Black? Fun, Fun, Fun...) Let me tell was TOUGH....for some reason, I find evenings the toughest to get through. Probably because I'm just sitting there watching TV. Thank goodness I live on my own, so I don't have to watch people eat.

I had ZERO energy, I couldn't stand straight, and by 630 pm, I was ready to call it quits. I guess it doesn't help being on Twitter either, because comes dinner time, everybody and their mamas are postings pics of their delicious dinner. And then I involved myself into a thread about dumplings, and other dim sum items...what? why did I do that? Because I am Winnie....I am SMRT. My coworker was actually concerned about this crazy cleanse I'm on...because according to her, I was bumping into things everywhere. HAHA Mind you I AM quite the clumsy one.

I only have enough ingredients to make one more jug of this drink...which will last me through to around lunch time today...what do I do????!!!!!!

You know what'd be nice right now? A burger, some nachos, and chicken strips....lots of chicken strips...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MAC Crazy

MAC Metrotown turned into a party room!
What girl doesn't like makeup? Yes, when I was little I played with transformers, I fought boys, and I went home dirty almost every night....but at some point in my youth, I had a doll house, tiaras, plastic heels, satin gloves, and the whole she-bang! So here we are today...

Yesterday, I was invited by the Frans (makeup SPECIALIST: Call it Beauty) to go to MAC's preview of their new fall line...

We were at the Metrotown location. Finger foods and drinks were served.

The drinks were SO strong (as you may know, I'm on a cleanse...and this is so not good for me lol)

Needless to say, the place was packed! The collections presented had awesome bright colours...The eyeshadows were so pretty, but I don't think I'll ever have an opportunity to wear them...

I won't get technical with you regarding these product...simply because I am not knowledgable enough to go there. But you get the picture lol

So I gave into peer pressure....(it didn't take much convincing) and bought my very first- MAC lip gloss. It's the Pro Longwear Lipglass- in WHOOPS! You can check it out here:
I can't seem to take a decent picture of me with the lipgloss, this was the best I could do...

They weren't joking about the LONNNGwear....because I put mine on at 6 this morning. Since then I've had numerous cups of liquids....and it's still on. I think the moral of the story is You get what you paid for. I'd have to say that this $24 lip gloss feels mighty fine on my lips...y'know, this could turn into a dangerous addiction....

By the by,
have you seen my $5 shoes I got from Urban Behavior?
I think they're pretty awesome :)

Master Cleanse-Day 2

Well I cheated.

Last night I was with FRANS at Sui Sha Ya (sushi) for dinner, and the thought of watching her eat makes me want to jump off a building. and since I'm a whimp, and extremely hungry....I caved. HOWEVER! I stuck with the cleanse during the here is my report:

Day 2 was probably harder than the first day. Why is that?
I thought this was supposed to get better day by day? My head was pounding all day, I was crabby, even the thought of steamed veggies made me salivate. Close to around 5pm, I walked into my work washroom, and there it was...the skittle smelling air refreshner...Have you ever seen an ugly crying face? I have...of the mirror.

I managed to drink 64 oz. of "THE DRINK", plus a ton of water....but man on man....when sushi time came around, I was jumping up and down for joy (on the inside, of course) There were rainbows and unicorns, and unknown colourful objects bouncing up down left and right.

So now I'm on Day 3, still not thrilled, but definitely not as crabby as yesterday...I think maybe the sushi (or food intake in general) has something to do with it...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today's Nail Colour

Revlon Top Speed-Stormy
I figured that since Fall has nails should coincide with the weather.
Personally, I think Top Speed goes on better than their classic line.
I did 2 coats and the coverage is overall good. I was up and doing chores around the house in less than 10 minutes. 


Last week's nails...
After drooling at all the designs in NailPorn (<--go check it out!) I've decided to try one on myself.
I call these butt

this was what they had:
If I had longer nails, it probably would have turned out way better...I used Forever 21's nail polish.

Still in search for...
the perfect beige polish

Master Cleanse- Day 1

Hello lovers and friends...
I started this cleanse that was made famous by the beautiful Beyonce...called the Master Cleanse. It consists of me not eating anything all day except for this drink mixture. The "beverage" consists of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayanne pepper...i thought to bad can it be? I get to sip on syrup all day!

Get ready to hear me whine.


The night before I was in a panic, simply for the fact that I cannot imagine myself without food. But if Beyonce can do it...I can too...right? Wrong. I was feeling alright until about lunch time, when everyone else in the office is heating up their lunches. I guess it doesn't help that the sushi restaurant downstairs starts deep frying their tempuras around that time too...and the delightful...err I mean....horrible smell of grease travels upwards into MY office....My head is pounding, I'm feeling gross, my stomach is growling....and I'm not sure how anyone could do this without encountering this near death experience.

Thank goodness Alex O'loughlin (my husband) came on TV last night...I was thoroughly distracted by his HAWT BAWD.

Check out my tweets from last night...
  • the hunger has kicked in....................HUNGER!!!!!!
  • I wish my voice could be like warm butter on....mashed potatoes
  • My head hurts....
  • I have a date tonight.....with my husband
  • Remind me again, please...why am i doing the master cleanse? I'm too hungry to remember

Anyhow...regardless of my whinnage, I made it.....through the first day. Today marks the second day of HELL.