Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today's Nail Colour


I call these *RAWR NAILS*
No, I didn't come up with this desgin myself, if you looked at my blog post yesterday you'd know.

Left: Mine Right:Internet

I had no idea how this is properly done. Probably with a sponge? But I didn't have here is how I accomplished this look, the WINNIE WAY:

Instead of the black tips, I used Grey Area from Sally Hansen. And the gold glitter polish I bought a while back at Forever 21.
You will also need a piece of paper to pour the glitter polish on, and a Q-tip. Pick one with the cotton tightly packed on to the rod thing to avoid cotton transfers onto your nails (technical, i know)

  1. Draw on the tip with Grey Area free handedly, no need to make it perfect since the edge is going to be smudged in anyway. Let stand for about 2-4 seconds.
  2. Before it dries completely, dip the Q-Tip into the gold glitter polish that you poured out onto a piece of paper. (I started out with just enough to cover the tip of the q-tip)
  3. Dab it on to the edge of the dark tip with a little bit of force (see picture)
  4. By now, the gold glitter polish should be blending in with the dark tip
  5. Add glitter polish according to your preference, and add top coat
  6. ...and VOILA! You're all done!

I found it easier to do each finger at a time, as it is easier to blend the two together. Think of the possibilities!! Excited to try more combinations now!

I'm no expert, nor a crafty person....but I'm pretty damn proud of myself.

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