Thursday, September 22, 2011

Master Cleanse- Day 3

I bet you, some guy just stood on his ass one day and said "Hmm....What can I do to make people's lives miserable? OH I KNOW! I'll invent this thing called the Master Cleanse"

Get ready ladies, and gents...or FRANS...considering you're the only BUT YES, GET READY, because I have gone absolutely mad......

Yesterday was day 3, which makes today day 4 (who am I? Rebecca Black? Fun, Fun, Fun...) Let me tell was TOUGH....for some reason, I find evenings the toughest to get through. Probably because I'm just sitting there watching TV. Thank goodness I live on my own, so I don't have to watch people eat.

I had ZERO energy, I couldn't stand straight, and by 630 pm, I was ready to call it quits. I guess it doesn't help being on Twitter either, because comes dinner time, everybody and their mamas are postings pics of their delicious dinner. And then I involved myself into a thread about dumplings, and other dim sum items...what? why did I do that? Because I am Winnie....I am SMRT. My coworker was actually concerned about this crazy cleanse I'm on...because according to her, I was bumping into things everywhere. HAHA Mind you I AM quite the clumsy one.

I only have enough ingredients to make one more jug of this drink...which will last me through to around lunch time today...what do I do????!!!!!!

You know what'd be nice right now? A burger, some nachos, and chicken strips....lots of chicken strips...


  1. How does one stand on one's ass? I would genuinely like to know, it sounds like FUN.

    Fun, Fun, Fun....

  2. it's a talent, really. not everyone's blessed with it! lol