Monday, September 26, 2011

Today's Nail colour + Cheap finds

Today's Nail colour is brought to you by:
Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Grey Area

I've always been a fan of Sally Hansen's nail polish. Over the weekend, I went to my local London Drugs, and this colour immediately caught my eyes. I've been into browns, and tans lately (mostly because of the weather) so needless to say....I got pretty excited. At first I thought this was really similar to ESSIE's Smoking Hot,  but then I flipped it over to look at the name of this colour...and it's apparently a shade of grey? Weird, right?...I though so....

But look, once I put it does show up as a really dark grey!

After I finished top coating and cleaning the polish on my nails, I got bored...(what else is new?) Then I remembered that there was this thing on NailPorn that I really wanted to off comes the polish.

I did this free hand, because I didn't have any of those ring enforcers around. Excuse my grandma looking fingers...they look like they're crying for some lotion or something LOL
Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself for not making too big of a mess around the cuticles...I think tonight I will try to layer this up with a lighter shade, will keep you updated if all goes well!

On to my cheap find on the weekend.
Who doesn't love a deal?

I was flipping through H&M's accessories in the sale section, and came across this ring.


I'm a happy girl

...and that is all...

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