Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MAC Crazy

MAC Metrotown turned into a party room!
What girl doesn't like makeup? Yes, when I was little I played with transformers, I fought boys, and I went home dirty almost every night....but at some point in my youth, I had a doll house, tiaras, plastic heels, satin gloves, and the whole she-bang! So here we are today...

Yesterday, I was invited by the Frans (makeup SPECIALIST: Call it Beauty) to go to MAC's preview of their new fall line...

We were at the Metrotown location. Finger foods and drinks were served.

The drinks were SO strong (as you may know, I'm on a cleanse...and this is so not good for me lol)

Needless to say, the place was packed! The collections presented had awesome bright colours...The eyeshadows were so pretty, but I don't think I'll ever have an opportunity to wear them...

I won't get technical with you regarding these product...simply because I am not knowledgable enough to go there. But you get the picture lol

So I gave into peer pressure....(it didn't take much convincing) and bought my very first- MAC lip gloss. It's the Pro Longwear Lipglass- in WHOOPS! You can check it out here:
I can't seem to take a decent picture of me with the lipgloss, this was the best I could do...

They weren't joking about the LONNNGwear....because I put mine on at 6 this morning. Since then I've had numerous cups of liquids....and it's still on. I think the moral of the story is You get what you paid for. I'd have to say that this $24 lip gloss feels mighty fine on my lips...y'know, this could turn into a dangerous addiction....

By the by,
have you seen my $5 shoes I got from Urban Behavior?
I think they're pretty awesome :)


  1. omg, PLEASE don't call me a guru! >.<

    WHOOPS! looks sooo pretty on you! i'm glad you got it :).

  2. fine....a makeup blogger?! lol

  3. Lies! Lies and falsehoods! You're a makeup maven extraordinaire, Dani ;) Specialist: confirmed. SPECIALIST, with the capital letters: also confirmed.

    Additionally - Winnie, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR SHOES. They're gorgeous! (And I suppose... hello; I'm Rae. It's lovely to blog-meet you!)

  4. Win, don't let Rae scare you :p.

    Oh, and theNotice is one of my absolute FAVOURITE blogs, so you should go follow her, too :D.

  5. Haha, sorry! I'm a little. Um. Well, there's lots of flailing involved when I'm tired, and I'm tired ALL THE TIME, so. Just be glad you didn't meet me in real life! Then the caps lock would have turned into facial expressions and stray limbs, and you'd run the risk of temporary physical damage.

    It's a dangerous situation. I'm not sure why my friends put up with it. Possibly it has something to do with the fact that I am significantly smaller than most of them, so it's not like the damage could be that serious. But alas! I am not certain.

    *spontaneous Dani hugs*

  6. HAHA!! RAEEEE!!! I already like you... =D
    I, too, like to flail all over the place, and so does Dani...(can you imagine what we'd look like walking together? I can)

    so yea...I shall stalk you now :D

    *boobie bumps*

  7. Don't apologize, Rae! Winnie & I are like that, too! :D

  8. Lol! Flailing's the new alma matter - share a flail, and it's like instant bonding. :P