Friday, September 30, 2011

Asian Hair Bumps, and Fuscia Lips

Hello lovers and friends.
It's a gloomy day out in Vancouver...which makes me super depressed.

I guess it doesn't help either, that the light above me gave out...the mood lighting is making me sleepy and not want to work

Anyway, yesterday I wore the Asian Bump-Its...and let me just say that I am in LURVE.
It grips onto hair like nobody's business. In case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about...they are these spongey things with velcros attached on the outside.

Because I have black hair, you can't tell they're underneath at all. It adds extra an "oomph" to your everyday ponytail. Or a bun. I bought mine on ebay (link--> here) for under $5, the one I bought came with 2 different sizes! Pretty good deal in my opinion!

I've recently discovered lipstain: the one I'm wearing is New York Color's Smooch Proof 16 HR Lip Stain in Fuscia. Because I am lazy, I really was not into lipsticks...Simply for the fact that everytime I eat/drink anything, I'll have to worry about them transfering...and not to mention reapplying after.
So this lip stain is PERFECT.
I put mine on this morning at 6am, and it is now 2pm

It is a true FUSCIA! The color in person appears much darker, excuse my crappy camera phone.
You can find them at your local drug store for about $4.99

Today, I came to work with only the lip stain on. People asked why I was all made up....when really, I was wearing less make up than I usually do. Looks like my morning make up regime just go a little shorter (SCORE!)

That's all, folks!!

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