Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Master Cleanse!

I came off Master Cleanse last night....and it was a huge relieve. Reason being, I ran out of the mix, and I was too hungry to drive to superstore to buy more (well, not really...but this is my excuse, i'm going to stick to it...don't judge me lol)

Yesterday marked the 4th day of my cleanse. The symptoms (HUNGER) didn't get any better, in fact, I think it got worse. I was dizzy and slowly dying inside, my stomach hated me for being me. So i chugged the last 32 oz. of that evil drink, and decided that I'm going to make a yummy quinoa salad for dinner!

So here we are....430pm, my house, hands are shaking...couldn't stand straight...But for the sake of dinner, I was strong!! haha so dramatic...

Winnie's Quinoa Salad

First, I chopped up green onions, and cilantro, and place them in a bowl
(it's like Christmas)

Then, I chopped up mushrooms, spinach, and red onions, and I sauteed them in a little bit of coconut oil

Then I added in the quinoa that I boiled with a little bit of chicken broth. Mixed them all together, added in some balsamic vinegar, sea salt to taste...OH. EM. GEE. I don't know if I was just freaking out because I havent really eaten in a couple of days...or if it's really THAT good... whatever it is, I found it earth shattering.

It's nice because the coconut oil wasn't over powering the rest of the ingredients, and you can still taste the subtle tropical flavor.I kindda wish I had garlic to add in there, it would just make it THAT much better.
But even without it, it's already pact with flavors. I am content.

So here is the final product :)

Food is good.

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  1. OMG, it sounds so good! O_O

    I demand that you make this for me!