Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Outfit Of The Day- Sept 27, 2011

Since I bought these boots, there is not ONE time I wore it that the weather isn't sunny.

I guess the sun isn't a bad trade off....but my legs are hot

Moving on to my outfit today:

Went to Talize (thrift store) the other day and found this shirt. I'm pretty sure the previous owner was a big ol' lady who is probably still WERKING it. The shirt is a no name brand, in size 3X...it looks like a dress on me, but I loved the print so much, I was determined to make it work. It is 100% Polyester (classy, I know) but it's so soft and comfy...I could probably nap in it.

So I wore this shirt underneath my blazer, rolled up the sleeves, and VOILA! I'm wearing this combo with leggings and boots. I tried to take a full body shot, but clearly, I am not talented enough to accomplish that. Since I have no access to a full body mirror right now, this will have to do

Oh, and this shirt? $3.99
Cheap things make my heart happy.

 Know what the perfect nails would be to go with my outfit today? This one:
Does anyone know how to do this? Maybe I'll attempt this tonight!

In other news, I'm trying to grow out my hair so I could look like this:

But deep down inside...the braver part of me REALLY wants hair like this:
I've been toying this idea for about...oh...a year now? Still don't have the guts to do it...

I know today's post is a little random...but hey, Random's my middle name.

AT LAST...Have you seen my Husband? I shall leave you with this.
You're welcome.

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  1. RE: the hair - you and me both, frans! I've been wanting to chop all my hair off for a while but I just don't have the bone structure for it :(.

    And since Alex is your hubs, can he be my lover? Remember, sharing is caring :p.