Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Master Cleanse- Day 1

Hello lovers and friends...
I started this cleanse that was made famous by the beautiful Beyonce...called the Master Cleanse. It consists of me not eating anything all day except for this drink mixture. The "beverage" consists of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayanne pepper...i thought to myself...how bad can it be? I get to sip on syrup all day!

Get ready to hear me whine.


The night before I was in a panic, simply for the fact that I cannot imagine myself without food. But if Beyonce can do it...I can too...right? Wrong. I was feeling alright until about lunch time, when everyone else in the office is heating up their lunches. I guess it doesn't help that the sushi restaurant downstairs starts deep frying their tempuras around that time too...and the delightful...err I mean....horrible smell of grease travels upwards into MY office....My head is pounding, I'm feeling gross, my stomach is growling....and I'm not sure how anyone could do this without encountering this near death experience.

Thank goodness Alex O'loughlin (my husband) came on TV last night...I was thoroughly distracted by his HAWT BAWD.

Check out my tweets from last night...
  • ok...now the hunger has kicked in....................HUNGER!!!!!!
  • I wish my voice could be like warm butter on....mashed potatoes
  • My head hurts....
  • I have a date tonight.....with my husband
  • Remind me again, please...why am i doing the master cleanse? I'm too hungry to remember

Anyhow...regardless of my whinnage, I made it.....through the first day. Today marks the second day of HELL.


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