Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Master Cleanse-Day 2

Well I cheated.

Last night I was with FRANS at Sui Sha Ya (sushi) for dinner, and the thought of watching her eat makes me want to jump off a building. and since I'm a whimp, and extremely hungry....I caved. HOWEVER! I stuck with the cleanse during the here is my report:

Day 2 was probably harder than the first day. Why is that?
I thought this was supposed to get better day by day? My head was pounding all day, I was crabby, even the thought of steamed veggies made me salivate. Close to around 5pm, I walked into my work washroom, and there it was...the skittle smelling air refreshner...Have you ever seen an ugly crying face? I have...of the mirror.

I managed to drink 64 oz. of "THE DRINK", plus a ton of water....but man on man....when sushi time came around, I was jumping up and down for joy (on the inside, of course) There were rainbows and unicorns, and unknown colourful objects bouncing up down left and right.

So now I'm on Day 3, still not thrilled, but definitely not as crabby as yesterday...I think maybe the sushi (or food intake in general) has something to do with it...


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