Thursday, February 7, 2013

RAWR Shop- Weekend Getaway

Why hello my wonderful lovers. 
Wow, 2 posts in one week! I've really outdone myself this time (not)

Today I have a RAWR SHOP post for you.
Remember Kira? Of course you do! She came in for a rebalance on her gel set...
So naturally we had to put something even MOAR epic on her this time.

(Photo Credit: Hair By Katie Rose <-- she's really awesome)

Since she's going away for the weekend, we decided to sharpen her claws and match them to her newly purchased Betsy Johnson bag...and WOWZA, what a great idea that was.

Her nails literally blends in with her bag!!
When she first proposed the idea, I was petrified...because YOU GUYS! I've NEVER done roses on nails before!!
So after some research, thanks to the power of the interwebz, we decided to just go with it.

Thank goodness they turned out lovely!
I used Color Club's Black Is Black and acrylic paint for all fingers except for one! The ring finger is OPI's Liquid Sand in The Impossible. It's impossible NOT to love this polish, I tell ya (see what I did there?)

During this session, we've discovered the following:
Boys are dumb
We *squee* at the same things
She's going to have TONS of fun this weekend
and I'm jealous

That's all for me today! Hope you enjoyed this mani....because I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM.
Have a good trip Kira!!

Guess what?
Tomorrow's FRIDAY!!


  1. a) I LOVE YOU!!!!
    b) I'M GETTING SUPER DRUNK THIS WEEKEND so yeah i hope my nails don't get mangled in a drunken fury

  2. Gorgeous nails! I so so love the patterns :x

  3. chichicho chichichoFebruary 7, 2013 at 6:20 PM

    this is soooo cute~

  4. love these!

  5. Thanks Roxy!! I love them too!! They excite me :D

  6. bahahahha
    please don't get too....nevermind....go crazy! we can fix the nails later

  7. Omg, Winnie, I love these!! Your roses look so great! I love the mix of patterns and the matte finish and the incorporation of the liquid sand polish! Great work <333

  8. Yes! This is awesome! I love the floral print on top of black & white!

  9. Wow this looks so amazing!! You can do anything :D