Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RAWR Shop- Simply FIERCE

Oh HEY lovers!!!!
Ever have one of those days when you just want something simple, but don't want to be boring?
Despite my need to be obnoxious at all times, believe it or not, I too feel that way...sometimes...

Today I have something very simple for you at the RAWR shop!
Kira came back to see me yesterday, and it was everything I thought it would be: GLORIOUS!

For this mani, we used:

Color Club- Master of Disguise
Essie- Snap Happy

Oh yes, the accent fingers.....
I raided my local drug store, and hoarded a bunch of KISS Nail Artist studs a while ago...
The lady at the checkout thought I was nuts...But it was on sale!!!!

 After painting her nails black I just HAD to finish it up with the red....It felt right at the time and I'm extremely happy with the outcome! I know these Louboutin nails have been around forever...but I finally got to try it....and yup, I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT A LOT!

I'm so glad that Kira embraces my weird.... 
I'm really digging the tapered squares, and the studs make the accent nails SO MANY FIERCES!!!
Plus I mean...she wears it so well!!!

Well that's it for me today!
Hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did doing them!

Have a FANTABULOUS day, my lovelies!


  1. LOVE this! So fierce is right! It's very rock n' roll. AND that comment made me sound OLD bahahahaha!

  2. I love these, Winnie! The Louboutin tips definitely make the look!

  3. Duuuuuuuude. I love everything about these! The Louboutin red, the SEXAH STUDS. Man, I wish you could do my nails! I'd pay you in cookies :X

  4. haha duuuuuuuuuuude!!!! I'd love to do your nails....because I love cookies :D also, maybe some cuddle time with dennison would be good....

    I know, I'm expensive.

  5. Thanks Brit!!!!!!! I really love the feel the red backs add to this mani. :D So glad you do too!

  6. BAHAHAHAH Oh Tracy, I love you to pieces.
    You don't sound old, don't be silly. It does look very rock n' roll \m/

  7. galorious.blogspot.comMarch 1, 2013 at 3:22 PM

    i wish my nails were long enough for that!