Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happily Ever After

Hello loves! I have a short post for you today!
I had a show this past weekend with 4 other lovely ladies and this was the mani I wore.
The colour scheme of the production was baby blue, white and silver. 

I used Color Club- Platinum Record (!!!), China Glaze- For Audrey, and white acrylic paint.
This mani grew on me...I wasn't sure if I loved it at first....but then I put on this ring....
Yup! I like.

*sorry for the blurry*

and this was my outfit! 
(from the left: Missy, Dani, me, and Charf)

(Photo credit: Dani @ Call It Beauty)

Being the regular genius me, I forgot to take pictures of anything with my actual camera....


  1. You nails match with everyone's outfits. I love you for even thinking to do that. :)

  2. You all look so glam! Love your ring, too. Bling!

  3. Your nails are holy amazing!!
    And you all look GORGEOUS. I wish I could hear you sing!

  4. They are quite shiny, and I like shiny! lol
    Move to vancouver already...


  5. Bling is right! It's only stage i'll prob get beat up wearing it out on the regular day HAHAHA

  6. OMG! Your nails are fabulous here! And that ring! :O gasp! And your dress!!! lol. You look amazing! <3