Thursday, June 28, 2012

RAWR Shop- "Sparkly Awesomesauce"

My goodness, it's Thursday! That means one more sleep til the long weekend officially arrives!
Today I have another RAWR Shop post for you...

Everybody say HI to Janine's nails:

Janine named her mani: "Sparkly Awesomesauceshe also blurbed out a whole bunch of other names, but due to old age, I don't remember any of them but this one. 
We decided that on her nails we would include: animal print, glitter bombs, and some tribal fusion. I think that is exactly what we accomplished! I really like the white zebra print over the holo glitters! 

Unfortunately yesterday was my self-claimed fail day. You know one of those days where nothing works, no matter how hard you try? Yup. Things were going wrong left right and Janine spent most of her night laughing at my fail-ness. haha

Janine is also very talented in the nail art department. I keep telling her to start a blog, but she won't listen. lol
I am super envious of her naturally beautiful nails, and somewhat disgusted by her perfect cuticles :P

Thanks for dropping by, Janine! I'll be less of a fail next time, promise! :)

Enjoy your sparkly mani


  1. EEEEEE. I love how you combined all of the different patterns! I normally don't really go for animal print, but it looks awesome here!

  2. Wow, there is SO much going on with these nails, but somehow you made it all work together! Totally awesomesauce--I see no failing here! :D

  3. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! There are a lot going on, aren't there? I tried to cover up the fails...really hard HAHAHA

    I actually ended up with paint ALL over does that even happen? Only me. lol

  4. :) Thanks Larie!! She's also a nail girl so we decided to go crazy on her nails. and crazy it certainly was!! <3

  5. This mani is amazing! I love all the nails! Aww can I come visit and have you do my nayos? :D

  6. I don't often see the zebra print in white, so this is realllllly cool. It's very refreshing to see it over glitter, too. Nice effect!

  7. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!! I would LURVE to do yo' nayos!!!!!!! Come Come Come!!!!!! haha

  8. A Fabulous Albino zebra...hahaha?? I'm so clever :D Thanks Mary