Monday, June 4, 2012

*sad face*

Hello lovely readers,
I'm sad to inform you that I have to take a break from doing manis on myself...

After getting my refills done at ProfessioNAIL, my nails encountered a series of unfortunate events.
Not exactly sure what happened, or what caused it...
but long story short...I got blisters in my hyponychium (skin under nails) and rashes on my cuticles.

I went to see a doctor and he didn't think it was a serious enough infection...YET.
I'll be taking a break....and maybe take off these "gel" nails

<insert ugly crying face here>

I have one more mani cued up...then I think I'll post the work I've done on people at The Rawr Shop
If I get any customers....

Please still love me... 

(source: Tumblr)



  1. =( have you told those ppl at UnprofressioNAIL about this?

  2. No, i'm not stepping foot back into that place ever again. They'll probably just tell me that I did something wrong on my own anyway.

    I left a bad review for them on google. Hopefully people will realize how horrible these guys are. =(

  3. Awww! That sucks. But don't worry, I will still love you. :)

  4. Once the nails that broke are back to a good length, I shall volunteer to be your nayo-modo! :)

  5. tell your broken nails to grow fasterrrrr!!! :D

  6. Ugh and that place strikes again! Boo! I'm so sorry about your nails! :( I hope they heal soon! <3

  7. Oh no! :( You need to get on Yelp and rant about those people! That's horrible.

  8. i wrote a review on google. I think I will do the same thing on Yelp too! >=(

  9. Sorry honey!!! Hope you recover quickly.