Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My first nail gig!

Well, yesterday was a fun day!
It was my first ever nail gig, and guess which genius brought the camera, but left the memory card at home
(Hint: It was me... -__-)

So thanks to modern technology, I snapped a few photos with my crap phone.
My apologies in advance for the quality.

This was our set up at the concert. The plants behind us gave our station a tropical feel. 

The "menu"

Unfortunately, this was about as much action I saw all night...

Then it was decided that I need those pants. STAT. I plan to wear it to my next gig.
Then Denise and I spent the rest of the night eating these:

End of the night, we had zero customers, but I did manage to give away 3 business cards...
Not bad for a first gig, I suppose?



  1. Giving away business cards is a pretty good start.
    Plus, you looked so pretty. :)

  2. haha, thanks Leah! I kinda wish we had at least one person to work on...but I guess it just wasn't the right place to be doing that lol.

  3. Aw, you look so pretty! I'm sorry you didn't get to do anyone's nails, but at least you gave away some cards, right? :D

  4. That's too bad that you guys didn't get any customers, but 3 business cards given away is awesome! :D

  5. HAHA, I tried....this is probably as much as i could do to make myself look presentable LOL
    I'm glad i was at least able to hand out some business cards, and there's always next time :D

  6. I should perhaps just stick to doing your nayos!! <3 lol

  7. I think you look pretty too, and I also might need those pants haha :]
    Getting a gig is a pretty awesome start though and any exposure is good!

  8. Your guys' set up looked so cute and professional! Aw I so totally would have come out there and got my nails done by The Rawr Shop!! :D

  9. Thank you!! It is pretty awesome...i was actually having fun just sitting there haha :)

  10. <3 You're too sweet. I really loved our little station there. COME TO VANCOUVERRRRRR!!!!!