Friday, May 4, 2012

Laser Beam Nails


*wom wom wom*
Once again, we arrive at the best day of the work week....FRIDAY!!
Happy Friday, everybody :)
Today I have a pretty simple to do mani!

Remember back in the days, we would layer multiple bright colours on paper and then cover it with black crayons....and then scratch our drawings on?

(Image: Google)

This mani kind of also reminds me of that!

To achieve this look you will need the following:
Polishes of your choice to create the gradient, and a colour over top (I used black)

Daisy Nail Lacquer- SUN Glasses, please!, Color Club-Wild Child, Rimmel London- Black Satin, China Glaze- Fairy Dust for top coat over the black only

Striping Tape, and a sponge.
I bought the striping tape off Ebay, and used the sponge to create the gradient.

Step 1: Create gradient.

Now, if you're a newb like me, the thought of achieving a gradient makes me want to cry...
But do not fear! There are a few tutorials online, and here are some great one to follow to get your feet wet:
Now I have to admit, this method did not work for me in this case...might be the consistency of Wild Child...

This is what I usually do with my gradient nails:

Also check out how Dani @ Call It Beauty achieved her's: Here

Step 2: Tape off the laser beams!!

This is pretty self explanatory. You can do pretty much anything and have it look great! 

Make sure you wait until your gradient is dried to apply tape!

I bought the tape immediately after I saw this mani on Sarah from Chalkboard Nails!! Check out her post: HERE!

Step 3: Paint it black!!

This step is exactly that....a black coat overtop.
I added Fairy Dust because.... everyone needs a little shablam in their lives...

Be VERY patient and wait for this coat to completely dry!

Step 4: peel and top coat!

Make sure you wait until they dry! Very important.
Otherwise all your hard work will go to waste!

Then, clean up all the excess polish on the side...and VOILA!!

Sorry for the blurriness....I clearly require better photography skills.... -__-

I just love the way it looks....and I can't stop staring at them today....LOL


Now...about Fairy Dust....
if you don't have it........why don't you have it??

Please, make your heart happy, and buy yourself one :D


Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making it!
Have a beautiful weekend, everybody!



  1. This is amazing and I love it so much.

    Still kicking myself in the butt for not getting Fairy Dust! >.<

  2. This is fantastic! I feel like you need to go to some crazy disco party now.

  3. This is absolutely amazing!! Your lazer beams look awesome! I totally remember doing those crayon projects haha!

  4. that's it, we're going back so you could get it :P

  5. HAHA i totally had a dance party by myself :D

  6. those days were the best....being a grown up sucks LOL