Thursday, May 3, 2012


Happy Thursday, lovers and friends!

Yesterday I visited Secret Nail & Beauty Supplyit's a beauty supply store
... and my life is forever changed ...
Where have I been all this time? I don't think I'll ever leave this place without buying anything.

First I saw THIS:

...a wall display full of China Glaze... *freak out* 

Then within minutes, these things magically appeared in my basket...
I don't know how they got there....I swear.... 

Here are my purchases from yesterday:

China Glaze- Fairy Dust (!!), Color Club- Wild Child, Daisy Nail Polish- (I forgot the name), and SUN Glasses, Please! and a CND Super Matte Top coat.
Not in the picture: Pink Polish remover, and a clear nail wheel

Well of course I couldn't wait to play with them....
So I swatched some of them along with the polishes I bought on Monday on my wheel...

I'll get more in depth with each and every one of them eventually...but I wanted to show you first!!

CG- Fairy Dust over Black...instant HOLO!

....and then this happened....

This guy looks like a pokemon or something...

My new mascot! I shall name him...


  1. Those colors are fantastic! I love them.

  2. GEORGE-BOB! BAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, I love you, franks. I'll call you George-Bob from now til eternity!

    Wild Child is pretty!

  3. TracyBeautyReflectionsMay 3, 2012 at 11:17 AM

    HAHAHAHAHAHA George-Bob HAHAHAHAHAAHA oh you are my favourite.

  4. HAHAHA I love George-Bob. Those colors are fabulous! I have CG Fairy Dust! I was going to try it over black but I keep getting distracted ._.

  5. Back in highschool, all of the girls in the hair dressing program would get regular girls to go to Secret with them to buy a load of polishes and hair supplies. I swore to never go because it would unleash a monster so big it wouldn't fit back in the hole I put it in it! But gaaawd.. if they have CG Fairy Dust, I must go! I love holo D: D: D:

  6. My dear darling. GO GET IT!! It's $3.99 with 15% can you say no to that?!
    I technically just signed my life away to that place...forget going to the states for polishes LOL

  7. Fairy Dust is......mind looks so good on black.....i can't even..... *0*

  8. isn't it? Color Clubs are only 1.99 + 15% off
    These guys need to pay me to be their PR person LOL

  9. Me too...a little too obsessed with them to be honest LOL
    but i'm sure i'll move on to new week :P

  10. Beautiful! lol That's what happens to me when I go to that nail supply store near much polish!! I love the ones you picked up and I love the designs you created!