Thursday, May 24, 2012


I have something I'd like to share with my readers....

A week ago, I went to a nail salon in my local mall (Metrotown, Burnaby) called ProfessioNAIL
I was looking to get the RAWR Claws refilled. I specifically asked for gel refills because that's what I had on, and I liked that they're strong enough to withstand the use of acetone.

"Gel? I use gel powder for you, it's much better!" said the lady.
While I had doubts of my own, I went with what she said, because after all...she does it for a living right?

I removed my polish and this happened:

The "gel powder" she was referring to...was acrylic powder. Which costs way less. 
So basically, what they do to everyone that walks in there is do their nails with acrylic, and then a layer of gel top coat....and then they charge you WAY more because it's "gel powder"


So anyway, I went back yesterday to the lady and showed her my nails. She gave me the death stare, buffed down the "bumps" while mumbling to her coworker something I don't understand...and told me:
"you applied your nail polish too hard! all you have to do is buff!"

Now tell me....
How does one apply nail polish too hard? 

I'd like to know 

Anyway. If you're in the Vancouver, BC area.... 
DO NOT step foot into ProfessioNAIL....unless you really have to.....


  1. That's awful! What the heck? You go, Winnie, you tell the world!

  2. Right?! I'm not impressed....oh well, lesson learned!!

  3. This is SO not cool! >:o

  4. This is absolutely killing me - I go to Metro at least once a week but I cannot for the life of me remember where this nail salon is located....!!! All for the best though, if I don't see it, I won't go to it! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. this is why I NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER let ANYONE DO MY NAILS EXCEPT ME! i'd be super pissed if i were you.

  6. RIGHT?! I'm still pretty upset about it....

  7. I am super pissed....Talk about a lesson learned the hard way :( that's it! I gotta buy my own gel set....