Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RAWR Shop- Galaxy Nails

Hello lovers! Happy Wednesday! 2 more sleeps til LONG WEEKEND!!
Today we have another RAWR Shop customer!

Stephanie (@MissyInAction87) came in knowing what she wants. Galaxy nails, what a great choice!
The only other time I've done it was on my own nails for the 30 day challenge. But I'm quite happy with the way these nails turned out and their galactic qualities.

I sponged on multiple layers on my Rimmel London- Black Satin including: 
White/Silver/Blue Acrylic paint
Sally Hansen's Blue It mixed in with Midnight Sky
and finished off with OPI DS Magic <-how can you not?

I also dotted on some Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe for the star effect. 
Steph only wanted China Glaze's Fairy Dust on her ring fingers, because the galaxy isn't always sparkly
Makes perfect sense to me!!

It's hard not to get lost in these....don't you think? lol Thanks for dropping by The RAWR Shop, Steph!
Enjoy your galaxy nails!!

Have the most fabulous day, folks!


  1. These are gorgeous, Winnie! I want galaxy nails! o_O

  2. I'll do foe yooooooou. when i see you :)

  3. These look SO good!! You're right, they look very galactic. :)

  4. Beautiful galaxy nails!! I love the colors :D

  5. thank you thank you! I love the colours too :)

  6. These are so gorgeous! Thanks for reminding me that this is a look I need to try out on myself! :D

  7. You definitely do! Especially if you're into blues, which you are :) You'll be staring at your hands all day haha