Monday, June 11, 2012

Thrifty Nifty

Ahh....Monday....My most favouritest day of the week....(not!)
It's been a while since I shared my cheap finds with you. So today is the day.

First up!
NYC's Matte me Crazy

I've been looking for a nice matte top coat for a while. I've tried: 
CND's "Super Matte" (DO NOT RECOMMEND!!)
Sephora/OPI's Matte Top Coat
and Butter London's Matte Finish.

Out of the three, Butter London was the best delivered a perfect matte finish....but the thought of spending $24 on a bottle of polish made me want to cry a little. So I kept looking...

I came across this one in Rite Aid. Tried it on, and decided that it was going home with me.
This retails for $1.99 USD, I have yet to see it in drugstores in Canada.

I go absolutely gaga when it mattifies glitters, shimmers, and holos.
So if you see this at your local drugstore, pick it up. You won't regret it.

Next up,
Jordana's Quick Shine Topcoat and Extra Garlic Basecoat

If you're like me, waiting for polishes to dry is torture, I never am patient enough to let it dry completely. 
So needless to say, speed dry is important!
I was strolling around the cosmetic section in my local grocery store this weekend and found these babies.
The quick shine topcoat claims to dry within 60 seconds. 

Let me tell ya, it did not disappoint!!

As I tried on this top coat, I immediately associated the smell with Seche Vite.
That's when I knew I may have hit the

Unfortunately, Seche Vite still contain harmful chemicals in their formula (Formaldehyde)

All Jordana polishes are TFF & DBP free.
 TFF & DBP Free: do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP – Dibutyl Phthalate

At the beauty supply store I go to, they have this section full of garlic base coats. 
I was super curious but decided against it.
This Garlic base coat goes on smoothly. Dries almost clear with perhaps just a tint of cloudiness.
As for the nail growth claim, I will have to update you on that since I just bought it two days ago.
...and no, it didn't smell like garlic...

I got these Jordana polishes for $1.99/ each

Hope you found these reviews helpful!
:) Have a great day, lovelies!


  1. I was totally going to ask you if it smelled like garlic. I feel like it should, but I'm glad that it doesnt. :)

  2. I neeeed to get DS Magic! And that top coat! Guh! *thud*

  3. Garlic base coat? That is weird but so cool! I'm Ukrainian so I live in garlic haha! I want to try it!

  4. you should try the essie one if you're down to try a few more! that one's my faveeee (:

  5. Nyc matte top coat. Didn't know they had one :)

  6. ooo!!! I haven't seen that from Essie here in Canada yet...or maybe I'm not looking hard enough.... D=
    I shall try that one if i see it!!! Thank you! <3

  7. I was surprised too! But I'm so glad I came across it! :) It's awesome!

  8. I thought so too....i was a little disappointed when I found out that it didn't smell like garlic HAHAHA

  9. haha right?? That was the first thing I did after I tried it on....*SNIFFFFFFFF*

  10. Wow great deal on the Jordana polishes! I love the matte polish! Aw I want to see what the Butter London one looks like...that's pretty pricey though :(

  11. The butter london looks like....pure was so smooth and amazing....but just not 24 dollars amazing LOL

    I think in the states tho it's cheaper? I saw it on the ULTA website for $12 or $14....WAY BETTER lol