Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Old English Calligraphy

Hello my lovelies!
If you follow me on Twitter / Instagram, you would have heard me whine all weekend....

 *le sigh*

Since Saturday, I have broken 3 of my 10 nails...how I managed to do so...I don't know.
But I'm uber sad because they're no longer pretty and I have to wait another week or so to get them fixed :(
It's pretty major when you're a nail blogger right?

Anyway...so this week we're going to experiment on the nail wheel!
Today, I practised the Old English Calligraphy on my set of wheels.
I used two different sizes brush and black acrylic paint.

I'm quite pleased with the way these turned out!

Would you sport this font on your nails?


  1. That is so much skill, Winnie! They're beautiful. I'm sorry about your poor nails, though :(

  2. I really love that you specified that you have 10 nails. :)
    I'm highly impressed with your calligraphy skills. I can't even make regular letters look that good.

  3. Heck yeah, I would! I want you to spell GANGSTER on my nails...

    ...No? K...

  4. You know...just in case i lose count....because that happens....often :P

  5. Thanks Larie <3
    Definitely looking forward to getting them fixed and pretty again!

  6. HOLY this is so cool!! I would totally sport this font! What would you spell on me? :)

  7. aww i hate when my nails break too :( that's kinda why i like em short, so i don't have to deal w/the heartbreak of them breaking haha
    dudeee that font is gangstuhhh! you should do THUG LIFE across both of your hands hahhaha :D

  8. This really turned out great! Old English was my favorite to write/draw in junior high lol! I took a calligraphy class...that was fun haha
    Aww your poor nails...

  9. "T-R-A-C-Y" on one hand, and "R-O-C-K-S" on the other....BAHAHAHAH

  10. Ugh, I know.....I'm the clumsiest with my nails....but they look so pretty when it's nice and long :'(
    BAHHAHAA THUG LIFE. Very Tempting....but i'll probably get beat up in my neighbourhood...LOL

  11. Wow calligraphy class? why didn't I have that in school?! I so would have taken it!!!

  12. Estivalia CorreaJune 13, 2012 at 8:55 AM

    OMG, I can't do this even with a callipgrahy pen and you managed to do them on nails, awesome! :)