Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Friday- Lines and Drag Marks

I think I'm slowly getting back on track!! 3 posts from me this week!!
Today I have a fun mix and match mani to show you. To achieve this look, I used the following:

China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy and Aquadelic
Not in picture: Color Club- Beyond the Mistletoe and Black on the drag mani.

Yes yes, I know I'm using summer colours...
But really...why should I put them away just because the weather is ucky?
These two are my they're here to STAY! 

Ever since I saw Denise @ DEEZ NAILS' drag mani I've been dying to recreate that look on myself.
She's so pro at doing them, so make sure you head on over to her page to experience the awesomness.
It still doesn't look as good as hers...but I'll get there...I think...haha

I added some Halographic sparkles (Beyond the Misteltoe) on the drag mani, and I'm liking it!

Meanwhile....My left hand....
I wanted to perfect the drag mani so I practiced on my left hand, and then I realized...
My left hand nails are now NOTICEABLY shorter than my right hand!!!!!!!!!
Because I'm left handed, my nails on my left hand take a beating :(


I think I'll file my right hand down to match the length on the left. But I like the length on my right hand better... *sadness*

ANYHOO! That's all for me today!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, loves!


  1. LOVE! The colour combo is great. I've never seen a drag mani before-cool!

  2. these are awesome! i love the patterns and the drag technique and the color combo is perfect.

  3. I think I only just realised you are left handed...GO TEAM! Also, your nails are great, as usual. Could you explain a bit more about the technique? Deez' website is under construction!

  4. So cool! I've never seen the drag technique before but you make it look totally awesome! I never knew you were left handed! :P But I know what you mean. The nails on my right hand never grow out very far before breaking too ):

  5. Thanks Tracy!! I thought the same thing when I first saw it, it's simple, and creates just enough effect to look cool haha

  6. *squee* thanks Whitney!!
    I'm really loving this colour combo too :D

  7. BAHAHA!! Are you a lefty too? We're taking over the world, i'm telling you! lol
    You paint a base colour, and then take the accent colour and basically just wipe off as much polish as u can on the bottle neck, and then apply it randomly to your nail....hope that helps, maybe i'll make a tutorial later :D

  8. omg!! This looks amazing!! I need Aquadelic in my life...hehe

  9. So totally fabulous! I love the colours, and the different prints look so great together. I love these!!

  10. I find it weird that I didn't know you were left handed. How many classes did we have together in high school? I feel like I should have known this.
    Also, I freaking love those colors.

  11. Yesss I most certainly am and we are clearly the best haha. Ooh okay, you make it sound really looks more complicated than it sounds! I shall add it to the mental list haha. Thanks!