Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Playing in the Liquid Sand


Hello my lovelies! Today I have something pretty to show you!
I've had these liquid sands for a while now...and I've FINALLY got around to playing with them...
What took me so long? I don't know...

OPI Liquid Sand is a textured polish packed with glitter that dries to a matte and sandy finish.
There are quite a few brands coming out with the same concept right now...though I have yet to try them.

For this project, I used the following:

Left to right:
 Stay the Night, Get Your Number, Can't Let Go
Ring finger: OPI...Eurso Euro and some KISS studs

For the gradient effect with the liquid sand, I had to dab on Get Your Number and Can't Let Go to make them more visible. This resulted in less mess to clean up, so I was quite happy with it.

OPI Eurso Euro is such a pretty blue...I can't get enough of it....
I do, however, think I got a dud bottle...because it smells like skunk? Why is that???
Anyway, I am in absolute LOVE with my ring fingers...

The sparkles...LOOK AT THE SPARKLES!
They make my heart so very happy.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the application of all Liquid Sands.
The only complaint I have is the dry time...
I've been spoiled with Seche Vite top coat that I forgot how long it takes for polishes to dry without them.
Patience has never been one of my virtues...But I suppose for the prettiness, I will have to embrace the wait

Anyhoo, that's all for me today!
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making it!

Have a wonderful day, beautiful people!


  1. the gradient looks so cool

  2. So cool! I love how it looks! Does it feel weird though-the texture I mean?

  3. I was petting my nails all day when i had it on hahaha
    and surprisingly, I liked the texture of it!

  4. Thank you! Gradient is my favourite thing in the world haha

  5. i'm not crazy about liquid sands but you make them look so good