Friday, April 4, 2014

Mara Hoffman Inspired- Black/Gold

Yes it's true. I got nubs again.
Trust that before I finally ended up with this shape, I had squares > rounds > back to square > squovals > round....and now I have this almondy shape looking thing. lol

It's been 2 weeks since we last saw each other. What's new guys?! 
Today I have this Mara Hoffman inspired mani for you. I want pretty much one (or maybe 7) of everything of hers. I drew inspiration from this dress, particularly the black spikes.

I decided not to incorporate any colours into this mani because I love me some black/gold/nude combo!
I used black acrylic paint and a gold striper polish.

For the ring finger, I added this awesome stud. 
You guys, I feel really special with this stud, because hardcore fierce!
As for the thumb- I wanted it to be more detailed because it's the most space I get on these nubs.
Here's a closer look:

Then I sealed the mani with my new favourite topcoat:

That's all for me today!! I hope you enjoyed this mani as much as I did doing it ^_^

Have an awesome weekend, my loves!

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