Friday, September 14, 2012

Egypt Inspired Mani & Nail School Wk 1

Hello loves! HAPPY FRIDAY!
As you know, I started my Nail Technology program this week...
So I thought I'd share my weekly experience with you!

This week, we covered topics like history, and time management skills.
We were assigned an essay about how the ancient civilization affected the world of Cosmetology.
I picked the Egyptians-- hence today's mani!

Long story short, red nails were popular, they really loved themselves, and Cleopatra is awesome.
I know I'm so great at essays. lol.

For this mani-
I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Guilty Pleasure and All Fired Up. As well as Rimmel London's Black Satin, and acrylic paint for the rest.

Skill-wise, we practised on polish application...
Apparently when you do the certifying exam, you have to paint VERY CLOSE to the cuticles...
This is news to me as I often leave at least 1mm on all it personal preference?
Anyway! I have to work on perfecting this skill because I have to be PRO!
We also started doing French Manicures! 

It feels good to learn things the proper way 

Anyhoo, that's all for me today.
Have a wonderful weekend, lovers!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you started nail school! The history of cosmetics is pretty interesting, I think. All those dangerous lead based products...haha.

  2. Cool! So happy you are enjoying school! LOVE the mani! I love Egyptian history-if there's ever something about it on TV I always watch!

  3. Polishing on other people is HARD! I'm learning manis now too and we get judged on how close we are, speed and evenness of the cost. They even have this light that they use to carefully examine each nail :(

  4. Such an amazing manicure! Glad to hear you're having fun at nail school, though to me your manicures have always looked perfect!

  5. these nails are badass! I love your essay summary haha. That's weird to me too about polishing close to the cuticles because I always leave space all around the edges of my nails... I feel like most of the other nail bloggahs I follow do the same. Jealous you're going to nail tech school, keep writing about it! It's interesting to hear about :)

  6. These are so awesome, Winnie! It's s exciting to hear about school! :D

  7. I have no doubt that your essay kicked ass. :)
    I'm so excited for you, I know you're going to do awesome.

  8. it is pretty interesting! amazing how far we've come!! lol
    Thanks Larie!

  9. Same here! The pyramids work in mysterious ways.....SCARRYYYYYYY!! :) Thanks Tracy! <3

  10. Oh man! Same here! I've had some experience applying polish on other people but just not up all the way to the cuticles LOL but we can totally do this! <3

  11. d'awwwe! Thanks Sunny <3 I've still got a LOOONG ways to go but I'm definitely enjoying learning all the techniques.... :)

  12. RIGHT?! I'm pretty proud of my essay summary. it's a total A! BAHAHAHA!
    I thought the same thing about painting to the cuticles...this was what i looked like 0_o
    but i guess that's the rules LOL and i'll definitely be posting my progress/experience at nail school :D Thanks my love! <3

  13. I never thought i'd be the one to be so crazy about school....HAHA Thanks for being so supportive <3 you're the best!

  14. thanks to your blog awesomeness....i have learned that alcohol aids in essay writing. You're the best. <3 bahahaha.

  15. These are so fiercely awesome! Love the Egyptian design and the way the red accent really bumps it up (fabulous essay too! ;p). Augh, I'm so bad at getting close enough to my cuticles. >_<