Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Emerald Ikat

Hello beautifuls!
Last week, Brittney from Precious Polish came up with an excellent idea to do a group post on this year's trend according to Pantone: Emerald!

I personally do not think this colour compliments my anything...so naturally it was challenging coming up with something...went through my stash, and here's what I found:

More so turquoise than anything, it looks like...haha!
SO what's a girl to do? I decided to mix two polishes together:

China Glaze- Turned Up Turquoise
Cometic Arts- no name

I sponged them on as gradients, and the colour came out subtle but fitting to the theme!
Also, I developed a new obsession with glitters....I'm not sure what took me so long....but I bought these:

Look at them....it's like a party on your finger nails....

Anyhoo...as you can already see...this mani didn't photograph as well as I had hoped...I have no idea why...but these Ikats are IMPOSSIBLE to photograph...maybe I just need better picture taking skills
(Winnie Fail)

But you guys! Believe me when I say this: this print looks absolutely amazing in real life...
so very sophisticated in my opinion.

That's all for me today, hope you enjoyed my Emerald Ikat mani!
Be sure to head on over to check out all these lovely ladies' creation of Emerald Nail Art:


Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!


  1. *__* i looooove these. i'm also newly obsessed with loose hex glitter... i'm gonna be using it a lot in the near future!

  2. LOVE. I'm not a huge emerald fan either, but you made it werk girl!

  3. Woot woot for Turned Up Turquoise! Haha!
    I am loving this, Winnie! It's beautiful!

  4. Love your ikat, Winnie! :D That accent nail is super awesome too. I haven't tried any large loose hex glitter yet but seeing your mani makes me need to get some asap! :D

  5. omg, get some!! You will not regret it!!
    Thanks Brit!! <3

  6. no Traci, YOU'RE beautiful!! lol Thank you <3

  7. aww shucks... I think this might be the only way i'd ever wear anything emerald....is if i incorporate it with other colours! :D

    Thanks Tracy!!

  8. hahah Whitney!! I totally want to have a hex glitter overload day....with ALL THE GLITTERS!!!!!! <3

  9. I love that you mixed two together. So much more creative than I would have been. :)

    I think it turned out awesome.