Thursday, January 24, 2013

RAWR Shop- Kitty Tribal

Hello lovers!!
I hope everyone's been doing well! You should know that I've been thinking about you everyday.
Today I have a set of RAWR SHOP claws to show you!

Thanks to the power of social networking, Kira and I connected via Twitter.
She was looking for something fierce on her tips and I'm so grateful that she picked me to make it happen!

This is a full GEL set done with Amore products and nail art painted on afterwards.
Kira came up with the concept of her claws. I am very much in love with this.

We used China Glaze's Kalahari Kiss as base, and various neon pastels for colour accents.
Then on the ring fingers, we incorporated what matters most to her-- CATS
I couldn't stop staring at the kittehs!

...while we were making this happen, someone was supervising....

(photo credit: kixy_stabbs)

This took us into the wee hours of the night...but OH MY GAWSH it was so worth it!!
then it just so happened that she wore her RAWR shirt last night :D

Thanks again for letting me do your nails, love!
Hope you enjoy them CLAWS!!

Have a wonderful day, people!


  1. You are SO TALENTED Winnie! Love the design a lot!

  2. BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! i wore that shirt just for the occasion ;) THANKS AGAIN! i love them SO much - and you ♥

  3. Amazing details and the whole design is just gorgeous! :)

  4. That shirt is so perfect, I totally want one now.... <3

  5. Thanks Tracy!!!!!! Coming from an even MOAR talented person, this means so much <3