Friday, April 19, 2013

Naked Tribal ft. Fundraiser Night!

Hello ladies...and maybe gentlemen??

My nail school had a fundraiser/open house yesterday and we were offering basic polish and nail art!
I wanted to wear something simple on my nails...but things escalated quickly...and next thing you know I ended up with these..... 

This is just acrylic paint with glitter and clear gel polish over top.
I would say that they're rather simple? They just look complicated...hahaha
I find it really hard to look at my nails because they're so's almost awkward not having claws....

...The Fundraiser...

I lucked out last night! All my clients were THANKFULLY all very adventurous!
The sentence "Just do whatever you want!" was thrown around a lot...and that's just how I like it.
This mani was my first and FAVOURITE of the night...

Because I am Winnie. It only made sense that I forget to pack sponges with me...
but this awesome lady requested galaxy and roses on her nails so excitedly, I had to make it happen....
You guys. I did a set of galaxy nails WITHOUT sponges!

I used my fingers to dab on the "galaxy" elements...some of the nails look like EARTH!!

Here are some more manis I did through out the night:

All in all, it was a very fun night. I had a great time, and managed to hand out 2 business cards!

By the way,
I finally found some "above knuckle" rings on ebay....I am in love with them....
Really, they're toe rings....but it's essentially the same thing...and for $2...I'm not complaining! ^_^
Want them? --> HERE you go

Well that's all for me today! 

Have a SUPER DUPER FUN weekend!

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  1. Sucg beautiful work as always! Ahh above the knuckle rings are awesome! Love yours! :D