Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Canucks Nails- Playoff Set 1

Hello my dear darlings!
Today is an exciting day for hockey fans in Vancouver BC: 
The Vancouver Canucks' first game in the Stanley Cup Playoff!!!
So to celebrate, I have decided that I'm going to be doing multiple sets of Canucks Nails!

I hold this dear to my heart, as I finally figured out when I FIRST got into nail art....
it was around this time, during the last round of playoffs! Look at the difference...

Then <     ---     > Now

Needless to say, my nail polish addiction collection has grown immensely since then.
I feel a tear coming

Here are the polishes I used:

XXI's Metallic Blue, Some random asian blue polish I bought in Taiwan, Revlon's Royal, Magical Nail, and white acrylic paint.

 To my non-hockey loves.....
blue green and white make a great colour combo, don't you think? =D

I'm going to the game this Friday!! So there will definitely be more coming...
 I'll have to think of something outrageous for the actual game
I'm UBER excited!


Hope you enjoyed my Canucks Nails as much as enjoyed doing them!! 

Are you a hockey fan? 
Would LURVE to see your nail designs for your team!!

Until next time, my lovelies!!

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