Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Victim #1 at the RAWR! SHOP

Well hello!! 
The fingers you are staring at belong to the Oh So Loverly- Dani @ Call It Beauty
She was nice enough to volunteer to be my first victim   I mean.... test subject.....err....hand model!

So FRANS came over yesterday and sat through 2 hours of agony. We couldn't decide which FURRS nail design to put on her....so we went with 10 different ones.

I am pleased with the result, and she looked amazing with them FURRS NAILS on.
So amazing that the lady at the movie theatre even noticed.
In fact, I like these so much, I might just use it as a banner 

So give a round of applause for Dani, guys!

Coming up with an artist name is so hard....
I think maybe I'll go with the RAWR! Shop for now....or RAWR! Nails? or RAWR...something....

Your input would be greatly appreciated. 

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