Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TAG, You're IT!

Hello my lovelies!!
It's so good to be finally back...blogging that is! The worst part about going on vacation is coming back...
and boy did it take me a while to get caught up with everything!
Anyhoo, HERE I AM! Back on the grind! :D

Well it happened, my first tag!
I'm fairly new to the blogging world...and it's always exciting to encounter new things.
I was tagged by Traci at DrinkCitra! She runs an awesome nail blog!!
You should check out her blog here: 

Alright here I go!
Please be gentle with me...LOL 

The Rules
Answer 10 questions
Pass it to 5 other Bloggers
Make sure the blogger you tagged knows about this

1. How many polishes do you have?
Well, my collection is definitely growing...but it is no where near 100 yet...
so...that means I'm still good right?

2. What is your favourite brand of nail polish?
Revlon. Hands down.
Being someone who's just starting out, I can't justify spending over $7/bottle.
I'm cheap like that :)

3. Do you like crackle polish or do you have it?
I bought ONE bottle when it was "THE" thing...
I used it that one time after I got it, and that was

4. What is the brand of your first nail polish?
oh gawd. That was SO long ago...I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday...
Nevermind my first polish.

5. If you're going to have a nail polihs line what would you name it?
Without even thinking about it, it would be:

6. What nail polish does not compliment you? pains me so much to say it....
but it seriously make me look like the Chinese massage parlour lady.

7. What nail polish compliments you?
I think the dark shades look great on me.
Plus, I feel like a different person when I wear dark polishes....
Am I the only one here?...maybe...

8. Name two of your nail art best-friends
Dotting Tools, and those nail art polishes

9. What was the best nail polish gift you ever received?
WELL...the past Christmas, the BF did really good
He got me endless bottles of nail art polishes and an acrylic stand for them.
I was beyond excited when I opened my presents :D

10. Make a speech thanking the blogger who gave you this tag.
First...I'd like to thank all my fans.
*oh wait*
this isn't an acceptance speech. lol

Dear DrinkCitra. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to complete this questionnaire.
The more I answer these questions, the more I realize that perhaps I have a nail polish
This is my first tag for anything, and hopefully it won't be the last!
You're amazing <3

People I'm tagging...

Ash Lilly at Ash-Lilly's Lacquer Lust
MariJo at Polish Obsession
Dani at Call It Beauty
Tracy at Beauty Reflections
Larie at Eye Heart It


Until next time, lovers!

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