Thursday, August 16, 2012

80's Dance Party

ohh.....the 80's.....
I just love the bright outfits....but can you imagine me walking down the street with them hot pants on?

(source: google)

Yea, I'll spare you.... So on my nails it is!! lol
To achieve above look, I used the following:

Color Club- Electro Candy
Wet n Wild- I Need A Refresh-Mint

They're so awesome together! I'm so glad the new WnW polishes changed their brushes....
It's wider and applies perfectly...unlike the old ones -___-

I MAY OR MAY NOT have been shouting out Patti Labelle's New Attitude off the top of my lungs throughout the whole mani... don't judge me

I decided to do a nude accent nail mom says I'm special.

Steph from Haus Of Lacquer did these a while ago...and immediately I fell in love with the concept!
Thanks for the inspiration, Steph! <3

If I ever get invited to one of those can expect me to show up with nails like these lol

Have a great day, lovers!!


  1. Beautiful, love these :)

  2. Two things.
    One: I LOVE this so much. Those colors are awesome, and I wish we had more time to live in the 80s.
    Two: Please, please, please wear that outfit.

  3. I will wear that outfit JUST FOR YOU and walk beside you when you go's that?! LOL

  4. Thanks Katie!! They're so much fun, huh?! :D

  5. TracyBeautyReflectionsAugust 17, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    Love this too! I love everything you do. I can hardly wait for the next time i go to Vancouver so you can do my nails!

  6. omg I am in love with this mani!!! The colors are awesome!

  7. love the bright colours!!