Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Geometric Gradient Lines

Blasphemy! My FURRS Nails are gone?!
Yea...I had to get them taken off, 
because the image of setting up a tent with my stiletto nails makes me can you imagine?!

So back to Breakfast Sausage Fingers it is....but look, they're longer now!!
...and so I've decided that....Project GROW LONG NAILS is now in effect.

To achieve today's look, I used the following items:

XXI Love & Beauty- Imperial Blue
Essie- Playa Del Platinum

I picked up these polishes on my camping trip....
WHAT?! You didn't think I'd come back empty handed did you? LOL

and this brush from the new brush set I got from ebay!

First I did a gradient with the two polishes...
ESSIE's Playa Del Platinum is such a perfect beige....This is my first Essie polish ever....
(what took me so long? I'm a newb okay?)
and I gotta say....It's pretty awesome! It applies smoothly, and it's opaque in 2 coats.
This gradient is so pretty, I'll definitely be wearing it again on its own.

Hope you enjoy today's mani...
I miss my long nails already *ugly crying face*

Have a wonderful day, my loves!


  1. PRETTY! I miss looking down at my fingernails and getting all giddy. Can I come over sometime soon?! I'll bring Boogie for entertainment! :p

  2. free entertainment is always good! haha let's doet!

  3. BLUEEEEEEEE. I actually like this length of nails, although I liked your other ones, too. This one seems more comfortable somehow, though? :D

  4. TracyBeautyReflectionsAugust 8, 2012 at 10:35 AM

    I like your nails like this! I think it's so much better for your nails to have them natural, unless you have a job that's really hard on your nails. LOVE the colours and pattern!

  5. Gorgeous, love your nails at this length!! Fantastic freehand skills. And I love how you picked up polish on your camping trip =)

  6. typing with these DEFINITELY is more comfortable! But the longer nails are like a part of me now LOL like @callitbeauty:disqus said. >_<

  7. Yea, it's a nice change to see my own nails for a while....just a bit to get used to i guess? I'm still doing things like I have talons on HAHAHA I'm so special! Thanks Tracy!!

  8. Thanks Jacqui!! haha Yea I went into Ulta and walked around like a mad woman all dirty and stuff! I was one very sexy lady!! BAHAHAHA

    I must say it's easier doing A LOT of things with this nail length HAHA

  9. I love designs over a gradient :D

  10. Ohh but I love them this length too!!! And these are too awesome. How long do they take to do? i'm always excited to see your new posts.

  11. Beautiful! I really like your nails at that length :)

  12. hahaha oh Winnie, only you would pick up new nail polish on a camping trip. :)

  13. Thank you!! Me too, I wasn't going to put anything over top but I wanted to try out my new brush! :D

  14. haha awwww!! You're the very best!!
    These took about 40 mins with the sponging? Nothing too fancy!!

    and about the nail length, i think i just have to get used to them...definitely typing a lot faster with normal nails HAHA

  15. Thanks Katie!! Do you? I sort of like them too....LOL Sort of..... I'll eventually warm up to it :P

  16. of course. the BF doesn't even ask me if i wanna go anymore...he just assumes that it's gunna happen. Smart man, that one is. :D

  17. Yay for your first Essie!! Haha great pick for your first one :)
    I love the blue and the lines!