Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello friends!!
Yesterday was a big day for me....and I would like to share it with you :)

I officially enrolled into NAIL SCHOOL!!!
*cue confetti*

Thanks for all the encouragements, lovers <3
School is going to start in 2 weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday!
I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress in school

Also...on a not so nail related note...
Last week, I did my first collaboration with the talented folks at Stars United. We recorded a cover of Tamia's Almost. She is such a talented singer, I hope to be like her one day....I absolutely love that song!

Have a look/listen, and let me know what you think?

Spot my nails? :D I wore this mani!


Anyhoo, that's all for me today....
Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!! 


  1. HURRAY for nail school, and DOUBLE HURRAY for your video! You're amazing, Winnie! Your nails did catch my eye in the video, haha :D

  2. Congrats on school and your video is AMAZING!! You are so talented! And when you are famous I'll be saying-I KNOW HER!!!

  3. I am so excited for you!! Both about school and the video. You kick so much ass. :)

  4. So awesome Winnie!! I'm so proud of you! sniff... <3
    And I love love love your angelic voice!

  5. Gurllll I didn't know you sang! This just makes me think you're even more awesome! I blog about nails but I rap too so I loveee seeing a fellow nail art lover & musician <3

    May I ask how you did the video? It looks so professional, like a real music video, I need to do something like that.

    Oh and that bunny is adorbz

  6. haha!! SUCCESS!!!! Thanks Larie!! I'm super excited for school <3

  7. haha, When I grow up, I wanna be famous like you, Tracy!! Fingers crossed to it happening soon!! :D Thanks a gagillian lover <3

  8. HAHAHA I don't know about kicking ass.....but I'M EXCITED TOO!!!!! I hope I can pull off school like you...because you're awesome! :D Thank you Leah!!!

  9. *ugly cry* THANKS TRACI!!!! for being super supportive!
    You're the very best! :D hehe <3

  10. Thank you m'love! My friends have their own production company, and we did a collaboration together! You totally should get one done up, and then share it with MEEEE :D The bunny is totally adorbz!

  11. Ah you're lucky that you have friends with a production company! They really did a great job on that.

    For now, I have some freestyles up over at
    I'd love it if you checked them out :D