Thursday, August 23, 2012

MASH Brush Set

Today I'd like to share with you my FIRST EVER product review!
*throws confetti*

A while ago, I received this brush set from MASH for review and let me tell 'ya! I did the excitement dance only a couple of times. lol
The set comes in a black pouch, with slots to hold each brush in place. It is perfect if you're traveling.
(source: MASH Website)

From MASH's website:
"This amazing set of nail art brushes come with three drawing tools, seven painting tools (also can be used as gel nail curing brushes), two liners, one dotting tool, two fan brushes which allow you to great absolutely gorgeous nail art effects. "

Oh, it's amazing, alright!

So let's move on to the mani! What better designs to test out brushes than a tribal print?
I decided to start with these two brushes:

I used the longer drawing brush to outline my designs. This ensures a straighter and cleaner line on the nail.
Then I used the shorter brush for filling in, and the dots on the thumb. 

Doing nail art with these brushes was a BREEZE! The bristles were soft, and easy to navigate.
Compared to my overused brush I hold sentimental value of...this was definitely a breath of fresh air.

For this mani, I used the following:

Color Club- Electric Sunset, and China Glaze- Kalahari Kiss

I was on a nude/beige polish binge a while back...
Then the amazing Sarah from Chalkboard Nails suggested that I get Kalahari Kiss for my tribal mani's.
After she twisted my rubber arm....I picked it up....and HO-MAH-GAH! I love this colour!!

My two cents:
It may take me a while to go through all the brushes...and the likelihood of me using ALL of them is slim.
BUT! I will say that the quality is definitely there, and I would personally purchase a set for myself had it not been sent to me for review.

A good brush ensures clean designs on your nails and honest to say, this set is a great and affordable choice.

Like these brushes?
They are available for $9.99 on the MASH website!
Click >>here<< to navigate over.

Hope you found my review useful! 


  1. Why yes, I DID find it helpful. I've been complaining to myself about having something to store my brushes in because hairs always get bent. Thank for this.

  2. SO COOL. The brushes are so tiny and long!

  3. Those brushes look so fancy, and seriously, you are amazing. I wish I had the ability to do anything cool with my nails at all.

  4. Awesome review, Winnie :) They look great! Love your mani too!

  5. Wow! What a cool tribal design!

  6. Thank you, Adelinne!! I have a soft spot for Tribals hehe

  7. they ARE so fancy! I drooled over them for a really long time haha

  8. RIGHT? Using the right brush is so important!! Thanks Tracy <3

  9. :) YAY!!!! I was experiencing the same problem haha I'm so glad you found this useful! <3