Monday, August 27, 2012

Beauty Fair 2012 Nail Event (picture heavy)

Hello my beautiful peoples!

I had the pleasure to work along side the VERY TALENTED Denise at DEEZ NAILS this past weekend.
...the picture you see above is what I called my "Working Nails"...

Denise invited me to be a part of this awesome event put on by the UBC Beauty Avenue
Of course I was excited and jumped right on board.
I didn't forget my camera this time!! Aren't you proud of me? There were tons of awesome stands at this event! But we were so swamped, I didn't get to buy anything! :(

So this was our set up:

As you can see....I didn't waste any time to put my new brush set to good use!
Thanks, MASH Nails!

So within 6 hours, I did 8 manicures/nail designs. 8!!!!!!! I was pretty beat by the end of it...but boy, how time flies when you're having FUN!

Check out the mani's I did:


I had an AWESOME time at this event, and met some amazing people.
Can I do this everyday now?

(photo cred: Deez Nails Instagram)

We definitely need MOAR events like this around town...this was such a great way to connect with everyone.
We then celebrated our hard work by stuffing our faces with sushi.
I'll spare you the pictures and details, but just know it was GLORIOUS and everything we imagined it to be.

Have a great day, my lovelies!


  1. So cool!! It looks like you had loads of fun!

  2. Whoa sounds like fun! 8 manis!! That's awesome, Winnie! They all look fabulous! :D

  3. That is so great Winnie!! They all look awesome! :)

  4. Those manicures are great! I really like the setup you guys made too, love the HK candy by your business cards!

  5. I did have loads of fun!!! :D 6 hours of awesomeness!

  6. Thanks Traci!!!! My back was NOT happy with me after all that....but i guess that's what happens when you get old :P

  7. You're so great, and YOU look awesome :P
    Thanks Leah <3

  8. Thank you!!!! The candies were so yummy....i think i ate most of them HAHAHAHA :P