Friday, August 17, 2012

Mix & Match

Within minutes of knowing me, you would quickly learn that I am an UBER random person.
What does that mean? I'm all over the place.

This mani is no different.
I've been wearing obnoxious highlighter colours ALL WEEK! Be proud of me!
The base is Color Club's Electro's so obnoxious...and SO AWESOME!

I know I shouldn't pick favourites....but I like the design on my thumb the most...
I do believe I will do another mani with this particular design :D

I still don't feel like I'm fully back from my BLAHS....
I really do miss my talons :(

But hey! Project GROW LONG NAILS is coming along nicely! Have you noticed?
This is probably the longest my real nails have ever been....
That's it for me today! Hope you like today's mani!

Have a great weekend, lovers!


  1. I like the one on the middle finger the best! It's very Givenchy! :D

  2. TracyBeautyReflectionsAugust 17, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    Man you got some brush skillz girl! LOVE the patterns!

  3. YAY for patterns!! Brush skillz still need work, it'll get better :D Thanks Tracy!

  4. I think they're all pretty impressive. And I'm in love with that pink. So pretty.
    And your randomness - that's definitely part of your charm. No one likes a boring person. :)

  5. Beautiful! :D I love how it shows your personality!
    Your growing nails look lovely!! <3

  6. love all the designs!

  7. I'm been so obsessed with this pink I've been wearing it everyday lol
    Randomness is the way of life.....for me anyway :P
    Thanks, Leah! <3

  8. THANKS TRACI!! I wish they'd grow faster!!!! This short nail business is just not working out for me lol

  9. Your nails are growing out nicely! I wish I could do the same with mine! Love the designs. They're so different but work together really well!