Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthday Week

Good day!
This is the week I turn old and wrinkly. 
I will just eat more to stretch out the wrinkles. My actual birthday isn't until the 27th, but I have declared this whole week (and maybe next) to be BIRTHDAY WEEK!!
So what have I done thus far to celebrate?
Presents. Drinks. Nail Polishes. VVBoutique.


Boyfriend couldn't wait 'til my actual birthday for my present so I got it this past weekend.
 My very own touch pad.
no, it's not an iPad, because that's WAY too expensive. This one's from CHINA! lol
It runs on andriod, and I'm still getting used to the fact that now I have a 10.1 inch screen to look at.


I found this vodka that I am sort of in love with.
Sobieski, from Poland. 
(oh em gee, you are SO. Biekski! hah, see what I did there? I know.)
The sales pitch of this is that it's gluten free. I got all excited at the liquor store because I thought this was special. But I did some research, and found out that all vodka are gluten free. 


Regardless of its cheeky attempt to be "healthy" vodka, I must say....this vodka tastes great.
No rubbing alcohol after taste. and you know how after a night of "medicating" you can still taste it in your mouth the next morning? 

Not with this one.

So for now, I think THIS is the vodka of choice!


I bought these two colours last week....and since I worked SO hard on the design I had on my fingers (see here) I had to let them have their glory for a couple more days. and FINALLY I get to try them on...
A full on post is coming...


Since I decided NOT to have an epic shindig with people for my birthday this year, I was feeling a little neglected because NO ONE was free this past weekend to have dinner with me :(

Feeling sorry for myself, I took my pity party over to Value Village and saw these:
No I didn't buy it...Can you believe they wanted 50 bucks for these costumes? Those are cute, but WHY would anyone go clubbing in those??

Yea no.

I don't know who does the pricing at Value Village nowadays, but they are totally overpriced. Remember you sell used items??
I came upon this dress with the tags still on marked down to $8.00 from Winners. How much did Value Village price it? Because the tags are still on, it's considered in new condition. Fine. 
But they wanted $14.99 for it.
for a dress I could have gotten for $8.00 from Winners.

Get over yourself, Value Village!

Needless to say, I walked out of there empty handed...

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  1. I totally agree VV is run by people who think selling a t-shirt I can get for $5 is somehow worth $9 there.. They have their heads up their.. Er, in the sand, let's say. But yeah, I've left empty-handed, too.. Dx