Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NOTD-Disco Fade

Disco Fade 
(like the name I made up? I do...lol)

It consists of Revlon's Scented Nail Polish in "Passion Fruit" and Forever 21's glittery/metallic purple polish

It's really simple, because we all know how crafty I am...(not)
First, I colour the whole nail with Passion Fruit. Not only is it a beautiful shade of purple, it also smells amazing. Highly recommended!

Then, I dot on the metallic colour with my trusty q-tip.

Starting with the tip of the nail, I slowly work my way down. That way you get a better "fade" effect. Then you just layer it on until it looks right.

The cool thing is, the nail polishes blend themselves out. So the purple on the bottom still shines through.
Then after that, all that's left is let dry, and apply top coat!


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