Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NOTD- Bohemian Luvin'


Alright, alright...it's not really THAT bohemian, but I can't think of a better name.
These kind of remind me of wheat...or braids...Bohemian just sounds sexier k?

Anyway, last night, I re-did this hand at least 3 times...because I was trying to watch a scary movie BY MYSELF. Why YES...I am using this as an excuse to not fully pay attention to the movie. It is almost as good as watching it through my fingers...instead of watching it through them, I was just looking AT them. and occasionally, I'd pop my head up to catch the unscary part. Clever right?

I thought so.

This look was inspired by my previous NOTD Post (here). I'll file this under the B&W series, I sense more fun with B&W nail polish in the near future.

How was it accomplished? Well I thought you'd never ask... (go on, ask!)

You will need these:
- white polish
-black nail art polish (thin brush)
-your nails...

Step 1:
colour the whole nail white

Step 2:
Apply first stroke on an angle. Start from centre out, with out heavy...then slowly lighten the stroke.

Step 3:
Repeat above step, on the same side.

Step 4:
Move on to the other side, diagonally in the opposite direction

Step 5:
complete the remaining side...TADA!!!!

And there it is! Bohemian Luvin'

In my second try, I tried to be creative and wanted to make it more leafy like...
but they kindda turned out to look like zebra/giraffe/cow print...HAHA shut up!

So here it is, try it out for yourself :)

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