Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheap Finds- Ebay Dress

Let's face it, EBAY isn't the best place to be buying clothing from...
I think we've all been there, buying an item and receive something no where near what it claimed to be. Not sure about you guys, but the sizing has always been an issue for me.
 But, I think I lucked out this time! I was browsing through dresses and came acorss this one:
cute right? I thought so!
You can buy one for yourself here

Bought this dress with free shipping for the price of $12.99!!
 I'd say it's a good deal even if you just wear it once.
The fabric on the model looks to be cotton, but the one I received is polyester/lycra? This results in not much enforcement on the "hour glass" shape... but that is an easy fix. I'll just put a belt on!
Unfortunately, it's one size fits all, but because of the stretchy material, it should fit up to a medium?
It's one piece, but the top half is lace, and the bottom has 2 layers. I enjoy this...because the flappy bottom covers my secrets when I over-indulge... bahaha
and this is what it looks like on me...
I'm telling ya, my Microsoft Paint skills are getting better and better....(lol)

Get it!
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