Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NOTD- Tuxedo Nails


Over the weekend, I ate....and I ate some more....and what else? I ate. Yes it is the Thanksgiving long weekend where everyone wants to do something. Since we are not creative people, we gather, and we eat. Not complaining because I love food, it is my fuel to happiness.

Moving on to my nails. It came completely out of the blue. Without any draft in mind, or anything to refer to. I was just going to see what comes out of it...and here it is.

The tuxedo nails consist of Salley Hansen's Hard As Nails white, and the nail art polish in black.
The black polish comes with a fine tip for the ease of designing.

So first, fill a diagnal line across your nail, like so:
(PS- do not mock my drawing skills....i had to make do with the resources i

Then, you draw on the black to make an "X"

and TADA!

Tuxedo nails!
Simple yet effective, it catches people's eyes.

:) Try it!!


  1. lol your drawing skills are still far better than mine. I probably would have done a super high quality diagram in paint. :)

  2. @Leah
    HAHA actually....i drew those in paint....(i'm so awesome) BAHAHAH